Ready to go.

Departure is at 0700 tomorrow morning. From Newhaven across the Channel to Dieppe. Our first night will be spent with good friends Mike and Wendy in  deepest Normandy in Villers en Ouche. Preparation over the last few days has been frantic. Hopefully, we have thought of everything! More stickers but…

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Departure on track for May 17th.

Our Landie is back from Gumtree 4×4 and looking good. New shock absorbers, a secure box for storing valuables and modifications have been made for fording any rivers or floods. These include the addition of a snorkel and moving the computer from under the driver’s seat to a box behind…

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The Plan – Stage 1 – Overland from the UK to Vladivostok

D day is 17 May when we will set off from Wineham in West Sussex. First the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe . A slight diversion on the first night, when we visit our good friends Mike and Wendy at their lifestyle property in Villers en Ouche in Normandy. Next day we head north driving through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and up to Nordcapp, the most northern tip of Norway. Soon after we will cross the Russian border close to Murmansk. Our route will take us south, then east through Russia to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, back into Kazakhstan and Russia. Next we will cross Mongolia before returning into Russia. We have to stay in Russia, skirting China (too difficult as it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide in China) all the way to Russia’s Far Eastern Coast and Vladivostok.

From here we will ship the Land Rover to Canada where it will be stored in Vancouver over winter. We will then fly back to the UK for a few weeks before returning to New Zealand for the Southern summer. Stage 2 will then begin in May 2019 when we continue from Canada to the US, Mexico, Central and then South America.

Pre trip planning

With only days to departure from Wineham, we have hardly given the trip the kind of attention that’s needed but we have been planning this for the past 6 years and the main things like vehicle preparation and visas are pretty much in hand. Some final mods to the Land…

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