Days 139 – 143. Wednesday, 10th – Sunday, 14th May. At Key Largo, Kingsburgh, Durban.

Shipping news

We were hoping for news that our container had been loaded on the Rabelais in Kribi on 13th. The shipping company’s tracking website was unchanged, so last night we were rather concerned. This morning we hoped for an update, but nothing. At around 1300 Adam checked again and the website showed the vessel having departed at 0610 this morning. No mention of the container having been loaded on it though. Even more concern.

However, ever vigilant Adam, found another online tracking site, which gave more detail and showed our container had been loaded. Great relief all round. Just one more transshipment to go in Cotonou, from where the next vessel, the Leonidio, should leave on 24th.


A few days ago we found 2 tennis rackets and some balls in a cupboard in the apartment. There is a tennis court here in the compound, so Dennis and I decided we would play. Perhaps I should rephrase that. We decided we would try and hit a few balls over the net. I have not picked up a tennis racket since my thirties and my mobility around the court is like that of an overweight cart horse.

Still we need the exercise. Yesterday it rained hard so tennis was out of the question. Dennis had been playing in bare feet as his shoes were marking the court. Having played twice he had developed blisters, so I think he was quite pleased.

We have been a bit extravagant and decided to take a trip to Mauritius for a change of scenery. It’s only a four hour flight from South Africa. In the late 90’s early 2000’s I was UK Sales Manager for Air Mauritius in London and visited a number of times. Then Mauritius was the dream destination. Hotels were springing up. The list the travel agent showed us here was unbelievable. Most I had never heard of. Development has obviously been massive. I hope it isn’t too spoiled.

Otherwise not a lot to report. What has become our routine entertainment. Visiting the local mall for shopping and coffee (with too many muffins and apple pies) continues.

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