Friday 9th June 2023. Day 168. Key Largo. Kingsburgh. Durban. SA.

First up. Happy Birthday Georgia. Georgia is my eldest grandchild and is 15 today. She lives in Vancouver with my eldest daughter, Deirdre.

We are all abuzz in our apartment. It’s 4pm and the container ship Leonidio is steaming past our balcony. It’s been a beautiful blue-sky day and about 26deg C. I am just back from the beach absorbing some of the glorious sun’s rays and it’s Vit. D benefits. The Leonidio should be docking in Durban in the next hour or so.

A grainy photo of the Leonidio steaming past.

Entertaining friends

Yesterday we enjoyed the company of Alexandra and Sebastien for a super lunch. They have recently arrived in Durban after spending a few days in Cape Town. We are very envious of their having ridden all the way through Nigeria, Cameroon. the Congo’s, Angola and Namibia on their Honda cross country motor bikes. The last time we saw them was in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 3 months ago. They shared some of their “interesting” experiences during the ride. What an amazing achievement. They are thinking now though, that they might enjoy a 4X4 for future travels.

I’ve just had the second worst haircut, ever. I was given the worst from the same barber a month or so ago, but it was cheep and who would notice…:)

Next week is going to be a blur. We have extended the hire of our rental car till next Wednesday, just in case there is a delay in getting the vehicles off the wharf. Assuming of course that they are in the container…:)

Post vehicle arrival tasks.

The first requirement, once we have bought them back to our apartment complex and emptied the contents for cleaning and inspection, is to take them to the garage in Pinetown, about 50k’s away. A general maintenance and injector service needs to be carried out on Poki. All things being equal we should be on the road again by next weekend. Bring it on!!!

I’d like to say a big Hi! to friend Noel. Noel is just home from serious surgery. Well done Noel and we look forward to catching up with you and Dee, on our return home to NZ in October. or thereabouts.

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  1. Progress at last! Fingers crossed that the vehicles haven’t been swapped for the equivalent weight of scrap metal.

  2. I guess Seb and Alex had the advantage of not being LHD/RHD. But a tremendous effort. Amazing actually.

    • I guess it’s something we will live to regret, not having joined or followed them. Never mind, it is what it is!

  3. Don’t keep us in suspenders bro, let us know as soon as the empty, oops, container is opened and you get your new Isuzu. All good this end, if you will excuse the pun, (Dennis knows what I am talking about), hope the same your end.

  4. Just a cheeky chappie. I suppose if it had to be an Isuzu, we could paint it green and put an oval badge on it…:) In your dreams Bro, no imposters for us…:)

  5. Bridget Lunniss

    Once again I’m liking Kelvins comments, but sincerely hope your property is returned intact x🐝

  6. Hi Bridget, we are now confident the container has not been entered since we left it in Lome. It seems the shippers would not load it if the seal was not intact. However, we still await receipt.

    On another matter, Happy Birthday young lady…:)

  7. Bridget Lunniss

    Thanks Dennis, just had a lovely lunch and now watching the cricket match, England v Aus.

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