Days 131 to 138. Tuesday 9th May. Key Largo Durban.

The days slide by and we entertain ourselves with reading, watching Netflix and Prime and making regular visits to a Mall to window-shop and take coffee or hot chocolate at the local Mugg & Bean. The Netflix series ‘Occupied’ has us confused but royally entertained..:)

While taking coffee in the mall one can’t help but observe the massive problem of obesity, particularly amongst the indigenous women. Life expectancy for them, must be very low. After googling it, I see that it is at 65. I’m surprised it is that high.

Shipping news.

In between-time in our apartment, anxiety has been sky high speculating at the movement of three ships, the GH Maestro, Rabelais and Leonidio converging from different directions on the three respective ports arriving and departing in time to discharge and reload THE container.
I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago. Imagining the container arriving in Durban – empty!!

The first part of its journey has gone to plan. The ship carrying the container GH Maestro has now arrived in Kribi, Cameroon overnight and the container has been discharged. Phew! We can now track the container through the shipper website.

The second part sees the Rabelais, currently ‘steaming’ past Angola, heading toward Kribi where it’s due to load the container and depart for Cotonou on the 13th May. Imagine, we were approximately 175km from Cotonou by road and should have driven there, but that’s another story..:)

Assuming the Rabelais keeps to it’s schedule, the third and final leg from Cotonou to Durban with the Leonidio, will commence on the 24th May, arriving here on the 9th June.

Local sightseeing.

A week ago Adam took us to Kloof, where he lived for 15 years. The area is very upmarket. A visit to the nearby real estate office showed that the houses range from between R2m and R11m. A house that would cost R3m = NZ $258,000. $3m in NZ for the same house. Swimming pool, tennis courts etc. One has to ask why such a disparity? I think you will know the reason.

Stopping off to take a walk around a park, Jen exclaimed….”look at that”!! A memorial to my passing on a bench seat…:).

Proof there is life after death..:)

Today we drove 50ks to a Shark Show north of Durban. The Shark Board is an established scientific organisation devoted to the study of sharks. There has been wide use of nets off the beaches either side of Durban to protect bathers from attack. Interesting show which featured a shark dissection but more aimed at school children, of which there were about 50 in attendance. The main objective was to get out of the house to reduce boredom.

On the way back home we called into the Flight Centre to check out packages for a break away. Jen will report on the location, in the next blog.

Thank you Alison for the pics of serious flooding in Rotorua and for the reassuring news that our house is safe. 🙂

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