Day 124. Sunday 23rd April. Key Largo. Durban.

The sun is back again.

The day has been spent reading and relaxing.

As there has been no activity, this blog entry will reflect on stuff I’ve watched on TV or read.

Tune out now if you are not interested…:)


First the book ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ by David Grann.

A historical record of the murder of in excess of 600 Osage Indians for their oil rights. The Osage Indians had been driven from their ancestral lands and allocated a desolate, infertile area in Oklahoma, only to find in the early 1900’s, that it contained oil

The book covers only a few of those murders. Compiled from FBI records and discussions with relatives of the murdered and how those murders are still raw with the affected families.

The Second book. ‘Sabotage-Eskom Under Seige’ by Kyle Cowan.

Essentially it reflects the challenge between ANC inspired profiteers and attempted reform of the main power generating and distribution facility, in South Africa. The deliberate attempts to stop investigations into corrupt deals that would enrich a few attached to Eskom, a government owned entity. The race card being used by ANC and those complicit to try and thwart investigations into corrupt contracts and practices by their members.

The colossal cost to the country, and debilitating effects all it’s citizens are bearing because of these practices, through daily power cuts.

For some unknown reason I am attracted to or interested in corruption. Perhaps as in my late teens being unable to accept the endless nonsense being trotted out following J F Kennedy’s assassination.


In that vein, Jen and I watched the documentary series MH370 on Netflix. I recall thinking at the time the plane went missing, all this effort to find the aircraft, lacked sincerity. Clues of sightings of burning aircraft in the South China sea being ignored or ridiculed. The Pilot being accused of being complicit. The finding of parts on East African coasts seemed to confirm it’s demise in that area. Yet experts conclude that part numbers had been removed.

It seemed obvious to me that there was someone, or something on that aircraft that was not destined to arrive in China.

Towards the end of the final chapter reasons came into focus. There were two AWACS aircraft in the sky where MH370 had allegedly turned to fly back across Malaysia. A grieving husband in France, who assisted by a reputable Le Monde investigative journalist, was advised off the record, that America knew what had happened.

To sum up the theme of all these stories I remember watching a news clip of a short interview with Sir Michael Mansfield QC saying “one always looks to motives”, when discussing Princess Diana’s….demise?

There, that occupied an hour or so of power outage time and helped to fill in a gap where no travel was possible.

For those that chose to continue and read the contents you may have found them interesting, or conclude that I’m away with the fairies?…:)

I don’t mind which…:)

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