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If doing an amazing journey through Russia and others with an experienced organisation is your thing, or just want to discuss options, these people are the ones to talk to. Typical Kiwi ‘can do’ attitude.

Check out this Kiwi couple living the dream. Bridget and ‘Topher, where are they now? (June 2020) Last seen heading back to Moscow having had their travel dream shattered by the Virus…

Gumtree 4X4 In Ditchling West Sussex have done an amazing job of making a bodily fine but mechanically “needy” vehicle like new again.  John and his great team have transformed it into a capable machine. They only work on Land Rovers.

Check out this couple touring the world and now stuck in Albania (Sept. 2020) due to “The Virus”

I mentioned in a previous blog that we stopped in to see friend Neal, in Perth on the way back from the UK in 2017. One of the things we did was visit the Guilford Grammar School in Perth. Neal had sent me something he had read about this character Ben Carlin, who sailed an amphibious Ford World War 11 military jeep across the Atlantic. As Ben Carlin was an Old Boy of the school, the school acquired the bits and rebuilt it and it is on show in the school grounds, glass enclosed of course.  An amazing story.

Here is a Land Rover love story from Roy in Norway. Weren’t they so much less complicated then? Land Rovers I mean.

Brother Kelvin came across these two from Germany in Outback Australia, doing their thing. Very well constructed site full of useful information.

Two more Kiwis with a Land Rover problem. Like us, they love theirs too. Where are they now? www.kiwisinafrica

If you are planning an Expedition and would like some graphics for your vehicle, email Cathy at Mortimer Graphics for a quote.

Daughter Sarah and husband Tim and two children Charley and Jaxon are currently (Sept. 2020) killing time in Mexico in their Mercedes Camper. With restrictions on travelling on down through South America due to Covid-19, they are very regrettably returning to Canada in a leisurely fashion. We enjoyed several months journeying and being confined in Guatemala with them, from March till May in Guatemala. Follow them on

A Dutch couple Jasper & Kim travelling the world in their lovely Series 111 ex ambulance, Land Rover. We met them in Uzbekistan. They are so lucky to have completed their journey home from Africa before the virus curse. Maybe they have a family by now?? 

During an Atlas Overland expedition to Corsica in 2015 we became aquatinted with John and Pat in their Camel Trophy Replica TD5 Defender. John is, or was Editor-in-Chief for the Land Rover dedicated magazine ‘Land Rover Owners International’. As they had visited most countries in the world on a professional basis, they had not been to New Zealand. So, we invited them to visit us and see our country using our Series 111 Stage One. They wrote up their experiences in the December 2016 & January 2017 editions of the magazine. Very sadly, it was Pat’s last expedition as she passed away later in 2017. Her photography and John’s journalism, give a stunning account of their travels in the following two articles.

NZ Adventure Part 1

NZ Adventure Part 2

There are a number of adventurers posting video’s on YouTube. An English couple with a similar Defender that we met in Botswana. ‘The Landy Expedition’, is their name.

Similarly another couple, he from Germany and she from Spain. They call themselves ‘BlueLandy’.

For pure entertainment and engineering skill, you can’t beat ‘LT Time’. A German couple with a passion for Land Rover Discovery’s.

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