Monday 25th September. Wineham West Sussex. UK.

Today dawned fine and sunny. However for Jen, it didn’t matter. She was very unwell. Running a high temperature and uninterested in life. The cause, I suspect an infected Tic site that had become increasingly nasty looking and poisoning her system.

On arriving home in the UK yesterday at 11.30am rather than 7.30am we had to travel from Heathrow by train as our scheduled taxi pick up pulled out as he had another job. It wasn’t a problem as there is an amazing public transport system in the UK. A train from Heathrow to Green Park then change to Victoria then a Southern Link train to Haywards Heath and a cab home from there. Started the Mini and drove Jen straight to Haywards Heath Accident and Emergency.

The flight.

Sadly the British Airways flight was memorable for all the wrong reasons. My seat had an inoperable headphones jack point as there was something jammed in it. “Sorry, we can’t help”. “How about allowing me to access your wifi service as compensation”? “Sorry, we can’t allow that” The food was very average. There was a hydraulic pump making a deafening noise above our heads. “Just plug your earphones in and listen to the music”. Yeah right. One half of the food tray was broken and the food wanted to slide into my lap. Now I’m sounding like a whinging Kiwi..:)

Apart from all that, the plane however was lovely to fly in, an Airbus 380.

After spending three hours in A&E, it was back home tired and exhausted. Jen was given excellent service and an IV drip of antibiotics. However, in the morning she was much worse. A couple of Panadol and an antibiotic capsule and I had to leave her to take the Mini for a MOT (WOF in NZ). By the time I returned home she was feeling a little better.

The hospital followed up the next day with a call from an infectious diseases specialist and we now have an appointment at Brighton hospital on Tuesday.

I suspect there will be an amputation of they can’t find the source…:)

It’s now Tuesday and we spent another 4 hours at Brighton’s brand new hospital. More blood tests and we have another appointment next Friday…

Adam, we are missing your amazing medical skills.

Poki’s progress

Jen received a message from OneLogix in Durban saying our ship will be held up entering Durban harbour. We had already worked that out but he promises that she will arrive in Rotterdam on the scheduled day. We’ll see…:)

It’s a different world, this one of being back to a ‘normal’ life. We already miss our traveling life. Travelling is infectious and exhilarating. Good health dependent, will see us meeting Poki in South America in no time. I’m picking South America will have it’s own challenges but will be a more enjoyable and hopefully, a more politically stable continent.

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  1. Get well soon Jen…

  2. I reckon, from past experience, that BA stands for Best Avoided.

    You said: “We already miss our traveling life. Its infectious and exhilarating.” And, it seems, infectious in a less desirable way. I hope Jen can be diagnosed and fixed without delay.

  3. Hi John, there is not much that gets passed you…:).
    The thought crossed my mind re infectious…:) Bad descriptive word, under the circumstances..:).

    The flight choice was very limited from Jo’burg, short of going via Switzerland with 2 other stops. BA got the nod, though expensive and yes, TBA. (to be avoided in future). We would have preferred Ethiopian but they were not offering a service on that route.

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