Whistler, Canada. Sunday 26th May.

I guess you could say the commencement of the final stage of this world journey, is under way.

The last six months have flown. Apart from a couple of brief journeys south of Rotorua, our days have been spent around the house. Jen in the garden and me, mmm, doing ‘stuff’. Winter is closing in, in New Zealand, though we have had some lovely sunny mild days.

It’s been great catching up with Kez and Troy, who we met in Botswana, also Bob, Kevin and Noel & Dee and of course, family. Son Steve in Lismore NSW, brother Ash & sister Liz in NZ. Other brother Kelvin and partner Jen, have been exploring the southern half of Australia for the last four months. We’re envious.

We are currently in Whistler with my daughter Sarah and Tim and family, enjoying long walks in the forests and hanging out with the grandkids. Tonight there is a challenge on. I have challenged my 10 year old grandson Jaxon to a running race. He thinks he can beat me…we’ll see…:). I told him, he hasn’t got a chance. He told me, I’m dreaming and that I’ll be eating his dust…:)

Tomorrow evening we fly to the UK., where we will have a month to get Poki ready for being shipped to Columbia. I wonder if you can fly with a torn hamstring..:)

Tim & Sarah are busy preparing their massive camper for a two year journey around South America.

Perhaps we will catch up with them somewhere along the way? We’d love that.

Jen will post an update once we have more news to report, from the UK.

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  1. How cool! So exciting for you guys and for Tim and Sarah and the kids! Cant wait to follow along x

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