Day 271. Tuesday 19th September. Kloof, Durban. S.A.

I wasn’t going to post any more blog entries as there is no benefit to anyone by just rabbiting on about nothing. However a few events have occurred which, to my mind anyway, are significant.

One is that Karun at TuneServe has just confirmed that we have had a new windscreen fitted. Having agreed on Friday with PG Glass that it would be fitted on Monday, I received a message from them yesterday afternoon saying they can’t do it. Big relief it’s now done.

Secondly, Jeff, the owner of Tune Serve has sourced a whole replacement mudguard and they are in the process of fitting it now.

Yesterday, as Jen mentioned, I took Poki to them to start on a fairly long list of bits to do, including changing oils. After having a look at the now ‘off centre’ roof rack, Jeff quickly formulated a plan to pull it back into place. It included putting strops around the rack and hooking them up to another Defender and in low ratio, pulled on the strops, rocking it back and forward. We managed to break another of the brackets, one was broken in the accident. No problem he say’s, “I’ll get it aluminium welded and we will have them back tomorrow” The rack is now back where it was, prior to Poki ‘falling over’..:)

This photo taken about an hour before the accident.

“The radiator is shot, he said”. Good, It had been leaking very slightly but after 22years it’s expected.

I love their ‘Pro active, Can Do’ attitude. Nothing is too much trouble. It’s inspirational.

The three boxes and roof mounted spoiler, with solar panel attached, are now inside Poki, ready for shipping.

A previous blog entry.

I don’t know if any of you have read the second last comment from my last posting on Day 268, but it has blown me away. How amazing is that, to hear from someone you met 42years ago and from another continent!! I’m humbled. Kevin, you have made my day, and more. I’m sooo looking forward to hearing from you again, as are my then, children, who remember you well. It seems Deirdre had only recently discussed you with Sarah! Steve remembers you too.

One door closes, another opens. Isn’t that the wonder of life!

It’s a beautiful day here today in Kloof. Jen and I have just returned from walking, yes walking nearly 2k’s uphill, to the shops.
Kloof is a very exclusive area with magnificent houses and properties, immaculately groomed and with exotic vegetation.

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  1. Logan Dalgleish

    Been one heck of an adventure! Have been sitting on the edge of my seat reading some of the entries. I’m glad the damage wasn’t too bad to Poki (and yourselves!). It must be nice being back in familiar surroundings. Enjoy the next few days before the big flight back to the UK and then……… bring on South America 🙂

  2. Hi Logan, will we see you in NZ?..:)

  3. It has been interesting to follow your experiences, have a good travel home.

  4. Hi Karen, great to hear from you. Thanks for your comment.


  5. The end of a chapter but not the book. Glad you made it ok and in relatively good shape. Hope the unloading and returning go smoothly. It’s been one hell of a journey bro, as always i’m in awe of yours and Jen’s sense of adventure. Live laugh love and be happy.

    • Hi Kelvin, thanks for your kind comments. Stage 4 hasn’t been without it’s challenges but thankfully we are all pretty much still intact. Waiting to pick up Poki today and deliver her tomorrow to OneLogix.

      We will certainly be trying to get across to Goolwa for a visit and debriefing. Glad to see you survived the last Oscar W voyage. Big hug to Jen2.

  6. Kevin McFarland

    Hey Dennis – well, now its my turn to be blown away, I thought you would barely remember me, yet alone your kids! The fact that I remember you and your family so well is a testament to all of your kindness, and how the little things we do, and the hospitality we show, can stay with people for many years. Will email you my life story (ok, an abbreviated version) and some pics!

  7. It was so nice meeting you at Cool Runnings in Malawi and since then following you through your blog. We are in Tanzania now and might meet with you again next year in Latin America. We’ll keep in touch. Safe travels for Poki and you two👍😊

  8. Hi Lilian & Rob, We are leaving Africa happily, but tinged with some regret. Regret that there is so much more to see. Happily because we have had some amazing experiences, including meeting wonderful like minded people driving Land Rovers. It would indeed be amazing to meet up again in South America. Please keep us informed of your progress and plans.

    Very best. Dennis & Jen.

  9. Hi Lilian It’s not being easy. Our Durban – Jo’burg flight delayed 1hour. Fortunately the Jo’burg – London flight also delayed but by 4 hours!!

    Hope all going well for you guy’s

    Us 🙂

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