Day 240. Saturday 19th August. Audi Campsite. Maun. Botswana.

These towns come with baggage. Rowdy neighbours and people. Still, there are benefits. Watery wifi and people of similar outlook to chat with.

So, apart from relaxing and talking Land Rovers with our fellow travelers for an hour of so this morning, we have not done too much.

We have decided to postpone departing Maun until Monday morning after purchasing some oil for Poki’s engine. Its time she had some clean oil to operate in and Riellys AutoZone closed at 1pm today.

Most of our motoring in Botswana will be on sealed roads until we hit the Zimbabwe border. Just in time for a General Election there!! Lets hope it does not turn out like the Nigerian one.

So folks, that’s it for today. We’ll see what Jen has to say tomorrow but essentially there will not be much to report till we are on the road again Monday.

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