Day 239. Friday, 18th August, 2023. From Xakanaxa to Audi Campsite, just outside of Maun, Botswana.

Well, it was an interesting night. Outside Poki we could hear elephants stripping the leaves and small branches from the trees all around us. I suppose this is the experience we are paying so handsomely for. Pula 1038 or GBP60. The most expensive campsite we have ever had, and only half a spot at that, as we were sharing with others. 

Up at 7am, we were on the road (deep sand track) by 08.40. I tried to get some wifi at the camp gate, but here in the middle of nowhere it’s not working. Or, perhaps it was too early for the  wardens to have turned it on.

Dennis has decided it’s better to drive fast through the sand, so we make good, if bumpy progress. On reaching the exit to Moremi Game Reserve, I went to pay the fee. For some reason they could not take payment and tell me I will have to go to an office in Maun.

While we are parked we meet an interesting group of ‘locals’. Paul, Robina, Ant and Rick. Paul has a decidedly American accent, although he advises he has lived here more than 50 years. I ask his advice about a good camp site in Maun. It has to be Audi Camp. Apparently he used to own it.

After chatting for a while they set off. Paul invites us to a “Star Show” in the evening. We decide to pull over and make a coffee/hot chocolate, so they get clear and we are not eating their dust. While we are pulled over, some tourists in rental vehicles pass us. Once back on the track, we soon overtake them. In fact we overtake every vehicle on the track on the way to Audi Camp.

When we arrive at the campsite, Paul and friends are just leaving. He reminds us not to miss the “Star Show”. The very helpful receptionist takes us for a walk around the campsite, to try and find a place for us to park. Technically, they are full, but we always seem to get squeezed in.

We are right next to an English couple, Keith and Laura and their 3 children, Rafferty, Indiana and Jasmine. They are lovely kids and the family have been living in Zimbabwe. Keith and Laura have given us advice on our route in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has elections coming up next week. Just when we will be arriving. Hopefully all will go smoothly.

We have decided to stay a couple of nights. We need time to relax, catch up with blogs, general correspondence and washing. My first task after setting up the tent is to present the laundry department with a large bag full of our dirty clothes, towels etc.

There is a pool here, so we decide we will take a dip. It is refreshing to say the least, so we don’t linger long. 

Socialising with other Overlanders.

There are several other genuine overlanders here. The first time we have met such a group. Kiwi Troy, with his Pom partner, Kes, also driving a TD5. Harry and Chloe, also Brits driving a TD5. We have watched their U-Tube videos when we were in Durban. Nicky and Dave, 2 more Brits, but driving a Hilux and 2 of their friends out from the UK for 3 weeks. We all met for drinks in the bar and discussed our various journeys and experiences, with much hilarity.

Dennis and I then headed to the restaurant. The price of drinks, dinner, 2 nights accommodation and laundry is about the same as a night’s camping at Xakanaxa!

The camp is busy. I hope we will get a peaceful night. I then remember, with all the chat and laughter, we have forgotten all about the “Star Show”. 

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