Day 118. Monday 17th April. Kingsburgh. Durban. S.A.

Adam left the apartment early to do some admin regarding the importation of his Landy.

Jen and I languished, having a late breakfast and getting used to our comparatively modern and stylish environment with all conveniences.

Our apartment is on the 1st floor and we have a view out over the Pacific ocean, though we are not high enough to see the sand on the beach. Correction. We are of course on the Indian Ocean..:(

By the time Adam returned at 11.30am we had a machine full of washing under way. However within 30min the power went off.’ Loadshedding’ is the term given for relief on the power system which is under extreme stress. While we have not been here long enough to know the background, suggestions are that there is rampant corruption in the maintenance of the power stations.

While everyone is asking questions, there are no government ministers fronting the nation with explanations or solutions.

After a light lunch we headed to the local mall. WOW!! Amazing shopping centre with 3 levels and a huge range of retail outlets. Interestingly, I didn’t see one book shop, though there was a Municipal Library with very few books available.

I purchased a pair of sturdy sneakers to supplement my only shoes, a pair of leather sandals that I have worn since leaving the UK. Visited a supermarket to purchase a few things missed in our big shop up yesterday. Adam shouted us an apple and banana pie slice. Decadence.


We have been concerned by the lack of available information regarding the progress of the container ship, Port Gdynia, due in Lome tonight. I had been tracking it on-line but it suddenly stopped sending it’s position. Had it suffered engine failure? Had it sunk or been captured by pirates? Adam emailed Stanley who advised that our container has been ‘reallocated’ to another ship the Gulf Maestro, due to depart Lome on the 26th April. As yet, we have no idea when it is due to arrive in Durban, and if it is stopping en-route? No mention of the Port Gdynia! We have to be grateful that the container had not been loaded. We have no insurance..:)

So, assuming the container gets loaded on the GH Maestro and it does not stop at any other ports en-route, we are again forced to wait at least another week to take delivery of our vehicles. It could be a lot longer! It won’t be stressful like previous waits. We are completely relaxed and very much enjoying our situation.

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  1. Proper adventurers would just pitch their tents on the beach, I can see you are getting soft.
    It looks lovely, enjoy

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