Day 117. Sunday, 16th April, 2023. From Ladysmith to Kingsburgh, about 25 kilometres south of Durban.

We left the Lavender Lane Bed and Breakfast at 10.00. We weren’t rushing as we only had 250 kilometres to drive and the whole day to do it.

Adam wanted to take us for lunch at a cafe in Kloof, where he lived for 15 years. It is run by twin sisters and serves the most delicious home cooked food. Sadly, being a Sunday it was closed. We found another cafe close by and sat outside in the sun. 

Rental car. VW Polo. 3cyl 1L.

We had an appointment at 1500 to view some accommodation. We are booked until 30th April in an apartment in Kingsburgh, but we need to stay longer as the ship with our Landies doesn’t arrive until 11 May.  This accommodation was in Warner Beach. Getting out of the car, Dennis found a green snake. Fortunately it was not alive. Later in the evening we were watching a programme on television about 2 snake catchers. We learned that the snake had been a harmless bush snake. 

Little green bush snake. Deceased.

We viewed the accommodation and weren’t over impressed. We decided not to commit to renting it and advised the owners we would get back to them. We then went to find the apartment in Kingsburgh.

The owner, Eurika, met us and showed us how everything worked. We were very happy. This is a very new, nicely furnished apartment. Two bedrooms, two shower rooms, fully equipped and with a balcony looking out over vegetation to the sea. Eurika warned us to shut the windows and sliding door to the balcony when we go out. Otherwise we may be visited by monkeys. They can make a very big mess if they are looking for food.

We advised Eurika that we were looking for accommodation for a further 2 weeks. She said she could help us. She apparently has several appartments for rent. She said she would try to extend our stay here at 65 Key Largo. She would check on the booking status and if it’s possible, give us a quote for another 2 weeks.

We are up on the first floor but still have a lockable metal grill across our front door. The high fence surrounding the complex is electrified and we enter via large security gates, Ulrika advised us not to go out walking at night. Having said this, I have not felt at all unsafe during the day.

After we had unloaded all our luggage, we decided we should go and shop for provisions. If we are going to be here for a month we need to stock up. We arrived at the shopping centre, just as everything was closing (17.00 on Sunday). Fortunately we found a supermarket that stayed open until 18.00 and filled a huge trolley with goodies. 

Back at 65 Key Largo we had to pack everything away and organise ourselves. Luckily there were no power cuts during the evening. We had good news. Ulrika has confirmed we can stay for a whole month and longer, if necessary.

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  1. All sounds very cruisy. Almost holiday-like…

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