Day 119. Tuesday, 18th April, 2023. In Kingsburgh, near Durban, South Africa.

Adam was up early as he had to go into town for various tasks. As there was no rush for us we rose at a leisurely pace and had breakfast on our balcony. We have decorated the balcony with a washing line. We have the luxury of a washing machine in our apartment, so we have put it to good use.

Mid morning there was a knock on our door. It was Eurika . She had come with some technicians to install fibre broadband. This was a very pleasant surprise as we had been using data from our SIM cards. The owner of the installation company told us about a concert that is taking place in the Drakensburg Mountains at the end of the month. It sounds interesting. He then advised he is singing in it.

It is a hot day, around 29 degrees, but not humid, so bearable. After lunch, which was early to avoid the power cut between 12.00 and 14.00, Dennis and I decided to go for a walk and investigate the complex and the beach. There is a pool, a barbecue area and a club house with a bar.

A locked gate led us to the beach.

A wide sandy beach, but not the prettiest. Ugly blocks of apartments fronting onto the beach.

Mid photo, stairs to our apartment.

The sea is pretty rough. We watched crabs digging holes in the damp sand after the tide had withdrawn. They were very protective of their space. Any other crab encroaching near their hole was soon chased off.

Adam has tried to call and has emailed Stanley to try and ascertain exactly what is happening re shipping our vehicles. We have learned that the Port Gdynia is now in Lome, so why is the container with our Landies not being loaded on to it. No answer has been received, which is annoying.

The agent here in Durban, who is receiving the vehicles, advises they are now booked on the GH Maestro which is due to leave Lome on 26th April. They will be transshipped in Cotonou to the CMA CGM Coral and are due to arrive here in Durban on 18th May.

Apart from the delay, it is worrying that the vehicles are being transshipped. We had specifically requested from Bollore that they were shipped directly. We await a reply and an explanation from Stanley.

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