Day 109. Saturday, 8th April. Coco Beach, Lome, Togo.

I was awake by 5am this morning. As it got light I watched one of our two resident lizards running around the walls. It’s about 3 or 4 inches long. I still work in inches, which makes Dennis laugh. Anyway, about 10cms, he says. We have a second even smaller lizard. This one is more timid and spends most of it’s time behind the large picture frame. 

They are supposed to catch the insects. They aren’t doing a very good job though. We have hundreds of tiny ants and plenty of mosquitoes, which only seem to bite me and not Dennis.

Outside in the gardens, which are actually well looked after, we have another much larger lizard. It’s quite striking with black, orange and fawn stripes. It has become quite tame since Adam started feeding it dried bread. 


Adam chased Mr Atohoun, who has now become Stanley, as we have had so much contact, to remind him the container needs to be available for us to load on Tuesday. At one stage Stanley had said they would ask for it to be delivered to their yard on Saturday. I think, though this was before we realised this was Easter weekend. No reply was received from Stanley. 

We had to go out as we needed to go to the bank. We had to pay the hotel up until next Thursday morning. On the way to the bank we had to pass Bollore’s yard so went to see if the container had been delivered. It hadn’t. The office was closed too, hence no reply from Stanley.

After visiting the bank we stopped for bread. This caused all the roadside bread sellers to converge on both sides of Poki. Scrabbling sellers tried to push their loaves through the windows. Mayhem. We had to wind up the windows to regain control. One lucky seller managed to sell us 2 loaves. Next we found some fruit and tomatoes to last us for the next few days. 

Back at the hotel. Adam had received an email from Stanley advising he wasn’t in the office today, but that all the necessary documentation had been passed to customs. 

We have made a start on packing our clothes and the things we need to take from Poki. I cleaned out the fridge and will clean inside Poki over the next couple of days. We remain on tenterhooks as to whether the container will turn up on Tuesday and whether the vehicles will be stowed inside .

Sorry no pictures today.

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