Day 108. Easter Friday 7th April 2023. Lome. Togo.

We were expecting rain during the night. From the few marks in the sand, there was a very light shower. Fortunately not enough to cause the bog holes in the hotel road to expand. The hot sun has nearly dried them up.

As Jen mentioned yesterday, at 8am we were off to meet with our shipping agents again and maybe, meet the Customs agent to complete our formalities. Some of it happened. The shipping agent photocopied our Carnet de Passage. Customs did not not present.

The astounding thing about this whole shipping process is that somehow we have passed ownership of the Landy’s to the shipper, who imported them from Ghana. An elaborate scam so we can be bled of tax?

At Customs request the shipper wanted photocopies of our Carnet to ensure that we had driven in from Ghana. Yep, try and work it out.

The pressure is mounting. We have now provided the shipper with a list of contents and an estimation of their value. We will await Customs decision as to what percentage they will apply for taxation.

Our shipping agent tells me he is going to have the container bought to his company’s yard on Saturday, so there is no likelihood that Monday being a holiday, will delay our loading of the vehicles on Tuesday. He did say that it is Customs who authorise container movement and that the container once filled, cannot move to the port unless they, Customs give the approval. What could go wrong there!

Some of the later morning was spent packing our new luggage. There was beach time too, in the later afternoon but the wind was strengthening and it became unpleasant.

A young Dutch couple were enjoying a drink with friends, in the bar. They owned the Land Cruiser in the car park. Adam being part Dutch, was keen to chat with them, as was I. They are driving to South Africa via Nigeria etc..

Have we made the wrong call? It’s too late now to change our minds.

Adam and Jen have also been looking for a place to rent for a month, within 30k’s of Durban. I have just read that the power network in South Africa is so compromised that there are daily power outages of up to 10 hours. That will be another challenge. 🙂

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