Day 110. Sunday 9th April. Lome. Togo

So, the rain returned during the night. There is more forecast over then next couple of days, but nothing too drastic.

It’s only taken us three weeks to sort out the temperature in our hotel room or cabin. The aircon has been going flat out but we are learning to have selected windows either open or partly, so we can regulate the humidity. The only issue during the night is Jen has a different thermostat to me. She’s perspiring at about 17deg and 70% humidity. I’m shivering.

Our attention has turned to South Africa. Friends from home and England, Marcus & Julie are in South Africa now and raving about the game parks and life in general there. They have given us some tips on rental cars etc. Adam also is looking to rent an apartment close to Durban. We’ll share costs with him for the month or so we are there. it makes much more sense than renting hotel rooms or motels.

Jen became energetic mid morning and started cleaning the red dust from the dashboard and cockpit of Poki. It now resembles the outside. Fortunately we have enough food so that we don’t have to drive through what will be a bog outside the hotel, till Tuesday.

This afternoon we have been watching shipping movement through binoculars, from our loungers on the beach

What do I do now?

Tonight we are going to have a Wagner night of classical music. Adam has a passion for the composer so we’ll see if he is as good as Mozart and Beethoven…;) We might have to dig out our best clobber of bow tie and cocktail dress for the occasion. If it’s rubbish, he’ll be pelted with popcorn…:)

The thunder I can hear starting again could provide a backdrop to ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’.

The waiting continues!

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