Day 76. Abidjan. Republic Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Sunday 5 March.

Poor Jen.

Today has been a day of rest. Complete rest for Jen. She has been suspecting a bad cold or flu being imminent. Overnight, it arrived. She has a temperature, is very lethargic and confined to bed.

Dr Adam is keeping a close eye on her, checking all the vital signs and we are all hopeful that by Monday morning, she will have recovered.

We are indeed fortunate that she has a temperature controlled room for her to recover in, even though aircon, I suspect, is the trigger for he condition.

So while Jen has slept, I have, between cups of tea and administering regular panadol, filled the near empty water tanks in Poki, and finally read the last few chapters of ‘Last Overland’. The book is heavily into nostalgia and I’m sure, changed a few lives in it’s undertaking. Particularly the grandson of the author of ‘First Overland. who belatedly undertook the journey in place of his grandad. Maybe Jaxon, my grandson will be inspired to do something similar, on his maturity?

No disrespect to other makes of 4×4, as quite frankly, many of them are superior technically, but it is Land Rover that has, and still inspires me, and us, to travel. Long may that be the case.


At the moment we are struggling with completing an online visa application for a Ghana entry.
Only in the next day or so will we know if we have correctly interpreted the myriad of questions to allow us entry into their country. Sebastien & Alex have been active in finding hosts in Ghana for their application and I’m hoping we can share some of the information. Togo & Benin visas should not be so difficult, but it is Nigeria that has us nervous.

Sebastien & Alex secured their Nigerian visas in their home country of France, It’s way too late for us to do the same in our countries of origin. As they are restricted to an entry date, they are going to have to cross the intervening countries in a hurry, to enable them to leave Nigeria before their visas expire.

It’s hot out there. 33deg but a cool 20deg in our room. The avocados we bought a couple of days ago that were rock hard, are ripening in Poki.

What about the giant mango at the last hotel? I left it there, on the tree…:)

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