Day 61. Dakosta Eco Resort. Bubaque Island. Bijagos Archipelago. Saturday 18th February.

This is the life.

This is the life

Water lapping close to the tent and the sun starting to warm the air.

After breakfast it’s into the ocean for a swim. Overnight the small wave chop has settled and it’s almost flat calm. After the initial shock the water is lovely and warm. There is the danger of stingray barbs. As bottom feeders they are not easy to see and to step on one can have serious implications.

After walking for 20min along the beach to check out the food at another restaurant, we heard of a local who had received a painful stingray barb in his leg this morning. With the tide receding it was an enjoyable walk on the hard white sand below high tide mark.

Later in the day we got talking to Adlino Dakosta the owner and proprietor of the resort. He’s a hugely impressive and charismatic individual. Burning with the ambition of bringing his countryfolk out of the oppressed mentality. All I can say is good luck to him. Complete with dread’s tied back tidily and a smile with flashing teeth, and eyes that twinkle with passion.

We discussed the challenges he faces and dangers too of upsetting politicians that might resent his progress. You can’t help but like and be impressed by him. Sadly it seems to take returning son’s and daughters to inspire. The proprietor of the camp at Casamance similarly had returned to his home country after spending 15years in Paris and had his staff busy all day cleaning and organising the expanding camp. Without this drive and zeal, nothing gets done.

Adlino has his work cut out, as while his staff looked the part and were active, they had little idea of what really needed to be done to ensure clients were well catered for, especially at meal times.

After a day of idyl complete relaxation Lars & Els introduced us to their range of card games. What an enjoyable interlude. While we didn’t challenge their expertise we provided some opposition for them.

Late in the day we learned that the boat to take us back to the mainland, was due to sail at 8am the next morning. The last one for several days. As Jen has mentioned, it’s an almost hour long drive from the resort to the port on the other side of the island. We asked Adlino to organise a taxi for us for a 6.30am departure from the resort. I’m not sure why, but I got the impression that he had either forgotten to do that or was unsuccessful, but we had trouble pinning him down before going to bed at 10pm. Tired from relaxing..:).

Lars & Els had decided to stay on an extra day and hope to get a speedboat back to the mainland tomorrow. It was a rather hasty goodbye before heading to our tent to sleep. We have a very early start in the morning.

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