Day 14. Monday 2nd Jan. 2023. Seville to Vejer de La Frontera, 47ks short of Tarifa.

The idea this morning, sightseeing in Seville. There appears to be a mixture of quite modern and historic architecture.
That was the plan but during the night it had poured and rain was lingering.

After a hearty breakfast of….porridge..:) the decision was to find parking in the city and wander. Well, easier said than done. There are plenty of underground parking spaces but all with height restrictions. Around and around the tiny back streets looking for a space without success. So the only building of any real interest we passed was a massive circular Bull Ring. My guess built in the late 1800’s.

The Bull ring plays a big part in Spanish design. From a different direction it looks like ship on the high seas. I suspect it’s office space?

With the fuel needle on red Poki, was replenished and the decision was to ‘cut a track’ out of town. That was, till driving past a huge retail shopping area, a late call had us driving bumper to bumper into the ring road for parking. But unable to find a park there either. It seems every Sevillian had decided on retail therapy. It took us nearly an hour to get back onto the motorway south. No shopping done.

On to Tarifa.

It’s 200k’s to Tarifa. Tarifa is the port we’ll depart for Morocco in a few days time once Adam has driven down from Normandy, about 2000k’s. It was a busy drive south from Seville as the city of Cadiz is en-route. Cadiz through history, has been a major starting port for many explorations to open the New World.

There are a number of campsites listed on the north west coast of Tarifa and Jen selected the first one we would come to, to stop for the night and also look for a suitable site to await Adam. I can’t see us staying past tonight at this one. It would be a great place to stay in the blazing summer sun but it’s overcast and in fact, has started to rain. The problem is, no solar charging for the batteries under pine coverage.

The rain will give us an idea of how the Caranex will deal with ponding on the roof. I think we have it sorted and all should be fine. Tomorrow we have 18deg C forecast and sunshine with cloud. I think we’ll enjoy that. For extra protection from the rain we have deployed the side awning for the first time.

After discussing camera issues with Adam, he is going to bring a spare Cannon SLR camera that I’ll purchase. It will be exciting to have a real camera again. Lets hope my artistic skills, which I don’t rate, will do justice to it. Ironically Jen’s Nikon has suddenly decided to respond by taking a photo when I press the button. Oh! well, can you have too many cameras?..:)

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  1. Hi Dennis and Jen, I’m loving the adventure. Spain has many fond memories for me. I ran in Pamplona with the Bulls back in 96 and continued traveling all through Spain and Portugal. A magic time in my life. Can’t wait to keep reading more. I’m really excited to read all about Morocco and to see the photos. Safe travels and all the very best from me, Jaime and River! PS Grey and rainy in Portland.

  2. WOW Logan, quite the adventurer too…:) Not too late to hit the road again.

    Best to you all.

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