1st January, 2023. Seville. Day 13

Feliz Ano Nuevo

I’m practicing my Spanish. (It means Happy New Year). As anticipated it was a terrible night. Our neighbours in the cabin opposite us were obviously going to party. They had decorated their cabin with colourful lights, had the barbecue prepared and unloaded bags full of provisions and beers from their car. At 3.30am they were still going strong.

We did not, therefore, rise early. Although I was up before Dennis who doesn’t thrive well when lacking sleep and was rather grumpy. By the time we had breakfasted, showered and packed up Poki it was about 11.40. I went to pay our camping fees. I had been given an invoice for EUR 52.10. Having the required cash ready, I was delighted to be told it would only be EUR 32.00. As we had such a tiny pitch, the price had been reduced. I expressed our appreciation and off we set for Seville.

It’s a hazy sunny day. We took the A-92 all the way to Seville. It was a very pleasant drive. Little traffic. We didn’t see a truck all day. Trucks are not permitted on the road on a Sunday in EU countries, with some minor exceptions for those carrying perishable goods.

What we did see were rows and rows, as far as the eye could see, of olive trees. The whole countryside appears to be smothered in them. Unsurprisingly Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil. Producing more than 3 times as much as the second largest producer, Italy.

We took a small diversion off the motorway and pulled into an olive grove for a lunch stop. Crunchy bread and yummy Spanish cold meats and oranges. (We still think New Zealand oranges are the best!)

Lunch among the olives.

No camping in Seville!!

We arrived at the campsite in Seville just before 4pm. Perfect timing, we thought. Swinging into the entrance the gates were firmly shut. A large notice proclaimed the campsite was closed until 11 January. So, no good to us. A quick rethink found us booking a reasonably priced hotel with free parking.

Back on the ring road around Seville. It seems a pretty spread out city. We located the hotel about 14Ks from the camping. The Exe Isla Cartuja Hotel. A big ugly block but with plenty of parking in front. Nice rooms though. Dinner tonight in the restaurant Poki, Mediterranean chicken with olives and mini tomatoes. There was nothing left over..:)

Tomorrow we will venture into the historic centre of Seville. The hotel receptionist has provided us with maps and details of where to park. The only problem being, she doesn’t know if the parking has a height restriction. We will find out.

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  1. May the mechanical gods shine on you, because the mechanical devils in deepest darkest Africa will show you no mercy. Just saying, as I am wont to say.
    On a more seious note, the smoke and higher fuel useage needs to be sorted because as i’m sure you know, faults don’t get better on their own. I seem to remember you having work done on the fuel pump a while back. No issues there? Enjoy your time in Spain, it sounds fascinating.

  2. Hi Kelvin, yes, you are right about implications. Land Rover gods are particularly spiteful for neglect. Might have an idler bearing needing changing in fan belt system soon too. Otherwise going like a dream..:).
    Hows the Stoking going. Keeping a steady supply of steam? I need some for my phone.:) Rain in Spain…..

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