Day 15. Tuesday, 3rd January, 2023.

Vejer de La Frontera

The rain had stopped when we awoke, but being under pine trees there was no chance the Caranex tent, or the awning, which we had also put up, would get dry. After our usual porridge breakfast, showering and tidying up, we packed up a very wet and dirty tent.

Vejer de La Frontera is apparently supposed to be one of the prettiest “white villages” in Spain. The drive up was torturously steep, but Poki managed it. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t being kind, the higher we drove the more mist and low cloud. A pity as photo opportunities were restricted. We stopped at a supermarket for more provisions then continued driving around the town. An equally steep descent from the other side of town brought us back to the main road.

Vejer de la Frontera


Next stop Barbate. On the outskirts of Barbate we found a Hipermarket. Dennis thought we needed to stop and investigate its wares. He was looking for a stainless steel knife. The one he brought from the UK has been so well packed it cannot be found. There were knives of every possible sort, but none to Dennis’s satisfaction. Instead we brought two mats, one for the back of Poki and one for inside the door when we come into the Caranex. We have found camping in the winter when it can be wet and muddy, means treading lots of mess inside. 

We proceeded to the seafront and found a very conveniently located car park. A perfect lunching stop overlooking the ocean. 


Onwards to Tarifa. The countryside could have been attractive if it hadn’t been for forests of wind turbines. Along the roadsides and in the fields were pretty white flowers. I made Dennis stop so I could have a closer look to see if I could identify what they were. I couldn’t. I wonder if my flora expert sister, Bridget can help me out from the photo?

By now the weather had improved dramatically. Lovely sunshine and it’s gradually getting warmer. There are a number of campsites around Tarifa. It’s a popular holiday spot. Surfing beaches and as it’s mild in the winter a magnet for retired Northern Europeans escaping the cold, miserable weather.

We stopped at the first campsite we came to, Torre de La Peña. Quite pricey for winter rates, I thought, EUR25.50. It is very busy though. Packed mainly with German and Swiss camper vans.

After spreading the Caranex out to dry and cleaning off some of the dirt, we put it up and decided it was time for an afternoon cuppa. 

Wandering down to the beach, we decided to visit the bar/restaurant for a beer. At 6pm it was still warm enough to sit outside. Children were still splashing around in the sea. Although I can’t believe it was warm. The bar rapidly began to fill up. Everyone had come to watch the sunset. An orange orb slowly disappeared into the sea. We made our way back to restaurant Poki for dinner and hopefully a peaceful night.

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  1. I know what those plants are Jen, they are flowers

  2. Bingo Ash…:)

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