Granada and a Break Day 31st Dec. 2022

Jen mentioned our interaction with a Moroccan shopkeeper, when buying a money belt. After deciding which belt would be best, he nominated €25. I pulled a €20 note out of my wallet and waved it in front of his nose. €23 he countered, still the €20 note waving, €21 then a broken hearted plea that we were asking less than cost. It didn’t take him long to realize it was €20 or nothing and we parted, each party happy with the transaction. The belt is fine leather and will do just nicely under my shirt and tucked into my trousers, for storing folding stuff.

When driving away from the Alhambra, we noted many cave dwellings. Not everyone has a comfy bed to sleep in, or a draught free home. 🙁 On that matter, our thoughts to the dispossessed in Ukraine and Russia due to mindless conflict.

Just two of many.

We are in an excellent camp site. I won’t go so far as to say it’s peaceful, but we have all the facilities and it’s an excellent opportunity to attend to some of those little things that need attending to. Fortunately, we got the last plot available. However, being close to the restaurant and main entrance means that late returners and revelers ensured that and early retirement to bed was no guarantee of sleep. Night temps. of 4degC.


Being below a nearby ski field in the Sierra Nevada’s, there are regular explosions. My guess is they are to control excess snow build-up and reduce the chance of avalanche?

One of the roof vents in Poki had developed a small leak. Not something you need in the night with the rain pouring down and the bed is getting wet. We purchased a tube of silicone yesterday and I have been digging out and removing the old and applying new. Our Luci Light, that Sarah & Tim gave us in Mexico, had developed a leak too. For those that don’t know what a Luci light is, it’s an inflatable clear bubble about 300mmx300mm with a solar panel at one end. It throws a lovely diffused light. Dunking it in a tub of water isolated a tiny split and a silicone smear soon rectified the leak.

A check of engine oil showed that we had used about 100ml. This is great news. We had been regularly topping the oil up on previous Stages but I had asked Gumtree to pay close attention to any leaks. Not only do we have a cleaner engine bay but it’s going to mean a big saving in oil we need to carry.

Sadly, all is not perfect with Poki. I have noticed some black smoke from the exhaust during acceleration. This is either injectors or perhaps that accelerator pedal. Fuel consumption is being affected.

The new water transfer pump is working a treat. It means that our drinking water is filtered twice. Once when filling from source to reserve. Then from reserve tank to main tank.


We have been having some jocular communication with Adam via WhatsApp. By executive decision we have decided we will wait for him in Spain so that we cross to Morocco together. Adam and Jen are worry warts. They worry about everything imaginable. Perhaps, given our experiences in Central America, the re-emergence of Covid is a legitimate worry? Being a doctor of tropical diseases he has been in touch with WHO, who are advising of the reemerging Covid pandemic. Will we get stranded in an Africa country? All to be revealed in the new year.

Happy New Year to all.

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  1. Happy New Year folks. I am enjoying your tour. You will be enjoying the snow free zone.

  2. Getting warmer the further south we go. 🙂

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