Day 234. Friday 20th March. Pasaj Cap camp. Guatemala.

There is a group meeting this morning at 10.30am, for the Overlanders. The objective, to establish a food supply source and chain. The group attending amount to approximately 20 people but others who are/were fly-in-fly out tourists on site, also attend.

As yet we don’t know what supplies we can procure. I’m sure there will be plenty of the basics like meat, fruit and vegetables but as conditions tighten, canned foods etc will become scarce. 

Guatemala has announced a 14 day Lockdown with a curfew for all between 4pm and 4 am. The curfew is not going to affect us. The lockdown certainly is.

It’s time to start maintenance on Poki so the oil and filters are changed. Brakes checked, OK. Driveshafts greased. Some minor little improvements to make life easier and the whole thing cleaned. 

This is boring stuff for most, so I think we should suspend the blog for now with occasional updates as developments happen. Having said that, Jen will give an update tomorrow.

While it looks like China may be getting a grip on the virus situation there, I don’t see capitalist countries having the same discipline to self isolate, until there are deaths close to home. As I see it, many countries are worried about the financial cost of ‘going hard’ which will end up costing way more in the long run. My own included.

Stay safe and calm everyone and help others in need, safely.

Thanks Cathy..:)

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