Day 235. Saturday, 21st March. Day 5 at Pasaj Cap, San Marcos Guatemala.

If we are here for a while, the problem is going to be keeping ourselves entertained. This morning at 7.30 I did my second yoga class. I suppose at the age of 70 and a half it is still not too old to learn. The problem I have is, unless I am in front of the instructor and can mirror the moves, my coordination goes totally out of the window. I expect my antics provide entertainment for the rest of the group and I don’t care. I feel as if I have had a good work out, as most muscles are aching.

After yoga comes breakfast and a shower, but beyond this I am beginning to wonder whatever we are going to do with our days. Sarah, Tim and the kids all went paddle boarding this morning, but this is a sport I have never tried and am not sure I fancy. Water and I don’t get on too well together. We shall see though, if boredom is too intense, I may give it a try.

Because the property borders the lake, at least we still have access to this facility. In the mornings it is calm, but in the afternoon the wind gets up and there are waves. Not huge ones, but enough to make swimming and paddle boarding not so pleasant.

A system has been devised for us to order provisions. A spreadsheet has been drawn up and every accomodation unit or camper has to fill in what items they require. Pierre is then going to submit the list to the local suppliers and see what happens. We will keep our fingers crossed that they can deliver everything we have requested.

This afternoon we hear that the government has imposed a curfew. From 4pm to 4am no one is permitted to be on the streets. This will be in place for the next 8 days. It doesn’t really affect us as we have been confined to the compound, but is an indication of how serious things are getting.

We may not write the blog every day for the coming days. If we are confined here for too long it may become boring reading. However, if there are particular developments we will update you.

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  1. I share your dislike of water. My view is that if the Almightly intended us to swim then he would have given us webbed feet! Maybe it’s a British thing due to lack of warm water to splash around in when young.

    Britain is grinding to a halt. Many non-food shops are closing their doors, notionally to protect their staff but I’m sure that reduced sales is also a factor while supermarkets remain busy but with lots of empty shelves. There’sa silly situation of having to make more trips to them to see if something needed has come back into stock.

    What next?

  2. Hi both. We are very sorry to hear of your predicament. We hope you have a good outcome, it can’t be easy for you. We are in lockdown. Essential outings only, pharmacy,food and medical. We can exercise outside of the house such as walking and jogging but only within 1k radius. To leave the house we must self certificate a declaration giving the reason for the outing. Failure to do so results in a €135 fine and the police are being extremely rigorous in checking.

    What a mess things are we can only hope that it begins to sort itself out ASAP.

    Thinking of you both.

    Mike and Wend xx

    • Hi! Mike and Wend, lovely to hear from you and thanks for your concern. To be honest, we are in the best place possible right now. Yes we are confined to the property but it’s multi faceted and beautiful. Food supply hasn’t been tested yet but we are hopeful that it will be sustainable. You should be fine too with your large property and proximity to shops and lovely house. Mike will just have to ride his bike around the perimeter to keep fit. You, the horses too..:). I’m sure the hens are laying, if the foxes haven’t eaten them, and the garden will supply you adequately. Life is great for those who can relax…:)
      Thinking of you two too.

      Dennis & Jen xx

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