Day 214. Saturday 29th Feb. Yax Ha Campsite, Caldaritas near Chetumal. Mx.

This is a glorious camp site. Right on the waters edge of a calm green Caribbean Sea. Coconut palms and a slightly undulating but nicely grassed area. There are old ships cannons embedded in the knee high stone wall on one side of the area. Testament to tumultuous times in the late 1700’s. British pirates thwarting Spanish colonial ambitions…:).

The day is cooler as there is cloud cover so we are enjoying late 20’s early 30’s temperatures. We will stay here a couple of days. It’s way too beautiful and has all the facilities, so lacking in most of Mexico. Hot water and flushing toilets with seats. The site is immaculately kept too. I think this has been a popular stop of travellers for some time. The surrounding but completely isolated town, is starting to look tired.

Later in the day we got chatting to some people who are from or holiday regularly in Belize. Our discussions turned to our fridge. This chaps’ friend is a “whizzo” electrical guy it seems and so we are going to call to his house/workshop in Belize tomorrow. Lets see what transpires. He is German/Mennonite which inspires some confidence. We’ll keep you posted.

Am not feeling great today as I must have caught Jaxon’s cold. A day or so should fix it, unless it’s the dreaded CoVid19?.:)

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