Day 215. Sunday, 1st March at Yax-Ha Resort just outside Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Our last day in Mexico. Tomorrow we head into Belize.

A pretty lazy day. Everything is washed, Poki has had a clean and we are rested and ready to head to a new country.

Great excitement half way through the morning. Jaxon caught a fish with his net. He’d been trying for ages standing on the steps down to the sea’s edge. He told me it was a “grunt” fish. Am not sure if this is just the kids name for it, or if it really is called a grunt fish!

The afternoon was spent talking about our route in Belize and trying to download Central and South American maps onto the Sat-Nav. A very slow process.

Leaving the computer downloading, we went into Chetumal, or at least Tim, Dennis and I did We decided to get provisions in the afternoon, so this did not hold us up in the morning. We are out of basics like bread and milk again.

The Yax-Ha Resort is gated and surrounded by high walls. Therefore we had no idea what was going on outside. The street was very busy. People everywhere. Walking, on bikes, scooters and in cars. Busy shops and restaurants.

That morning Sarah asked if we had heard the shots during the night. Bursts of automatic rifle fire. Neither Dennis, nor Tim or I had heard anything, so we told her she must gave dreamt it. However, other people staying at the resort had heard it. One wonders what could have been going on over the wall in the street outside.

We met a Mennonite family staying at the resort. One member of the family, Corey Wolf, knew a bit about electrics so had a quick look at our fridge. He couldn’t see an immediate problem, but said if we came to his place in Belize, he would have a detailed look at it.

So, this will be our first stop tomorrow at a place called Vive Esperanza. It is only about 30 kms over the border, but requires 2 river crossings by ferry and is on tiny dirt roads.
Getting there sounds like an adventure in itself.

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