Day 213. Friday, 28th February. From Buenavista to Yax-Ha Resort, just north of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

I was quite disappointed to leave our site by Laguna Bacalar at Buenavista. However, the consensus was to move on. It was a shame that the weather was overcast and it was quite muddy, due to the previous night’s rain.

The Lagoon is very beautiful and in sunlight the water is meant to be multi-coloured. Gorgeous crystal clear water and a sandy bottom. I would have like to have hired a kayak and gone out exploring.

Javier, the camp owner came to see us and was obviously disappointed we were leaving. He said two kayakers had gone out at 6am to film the sunrise over the lagoon. Sadly it hadn’t been possible, due to the thick cloud. We later found out it was the German couple, who are camping close to us here at Yax-Ha Resort.

It wasn’t a long ride and with little traffic we were soon in Chetumal. It’s a gentle, quiet city, the capital of Quintana Roo. Nicely Mexican with few tourists. We made the usual stop at Walmart. After the best part of two years on the road, things are starting to wear out. We are in replacement mode at the moment, so I purchased two new pillows and some new tea towels.

Yax-Ha Resort is at Calderitas on the Caribbean coast about eight kilometres north of Chetumal. It is very relaxed, but music is wafting over the wall from the neighbouring property. I think it’s a restaurant, but the wall is too high to see over. As the weekend is coming, hopefully, this isn’t going to mean noisy nights.

It’s a nice place. Flat and grassy, right next to the ocean. It is quite busy with other campers. There is a family from Belize who have been offering helpful information. They are speaking an “old” German, as well as English and Spanish. Obviously they have Mennonite connections. This is another area where there is a significant Mennonite population.

There is also a large, inviting swimming pool and HOT showers – something we have not experienced for a long time.

Once set up, my first task was to take two huge bags of washing to the laundry. All washed, dried and folded for 65 pesos. Great not to have do it all by hand. I don’t know how we seem to get so much!

Otherwise we were quite relaxed. Catching up with the blog and emails and paying bills. Nice to do in a comfy chair overlooking the ocean.

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  1. Hi Dennis & Jen, loving the adventure. I hope the fridge situation gets resolved soon! How has the food been so far in Mexico? Americans love their Mexican restaurants, ( here in the States ), but I’m betting you can’t beat the authentic stuff! You must be just about ready to head into Belize? Hope this finds you all well!

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