Day 212. Thursday 27th February. Isla Blanca to The jungle Camp Selva El Jabali. Quintana Roo.

Waking up with roosters crowing and all manner of bird noises and everything around us, wet. It rained last night but I don’t remember much, as I crashed. This camp has been blasted out of the jungle and the digger used to fashion a road…er track, is rusting away nearby.

This morning is crunch time. I managed to remove the old compressor from the fridge last night but darkness was closing in too quickly to finish the job. It only took about an hour this morning to put it all back together again. 

After plugging the power lead in, but before putting a new fuse in, I decided to check both sides of the fuse with the multi-meter. A short is still there!!!! 

The implications of this are huge for us. it means that the advise we got from the refrigeration specialists in Zihuatanejo, was a guess, at best. The compressor was fine all along. Oh dear me!!!

Now we have to find a competent electrical/electronics specialist to resolve the electrical issue. 

All the “what if’s” and “why not’s” lead to self recrimination and mild depression. Poor Jen has to suffer my misplaced confidence. 

Sarah & Tim didn’t like the site we were in and were gone by 9am. It wasn’t till 11am that we packed and went. This camp is chaos and infested with mosquitos too. 

Our objective before meeting up with the others at the next camp site, is to call in at Tulum. To refuel, renew our wifi, and top up dwindling water supplies. 

This part of the Mexican Caribbean coast is quite different to the new resorts that are going up north of Cancun. The resorts here are more spread out and offer a huge range of entertainments from water theme park to jungle excursions. Tulum is swarming with North American tourists. Many riding hired bikes or wandering the local shops and bazaars. This looks to be a far more authentic Mexican experience to the sterile looking mega hotels being built to the north. I cant help feeling though that it will all crumble and be absorbed by the jungle, as many facilities already are. 

The temperature has dropped about 10degC and at 27deg, the jersey’s and cardigans come out!!

Our camp for the night, at Buena Vista, is about about 80’s from Tulum. It’s on the edge of Mexico’s biggest lagoon, Bacalar. The site is renown for it’s beautiful banded sea but tonight it’s just grey, along with the cloud above. It had rained here last night too, as the ground was quite boggy. Our host is very congenial but we decide to move on in the morning as there is no wifi here. There is pressure to update the blog site.

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  1. You might want to change the current title which says “”.

    I think it’s only February!

    Too much stress due to the fridge problem?

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