Day 211. Wednesday, 26th February. From Isla Blanca to Selva El Jabali near Tulum.

Leaving Isla Blanca, for the second time, we headed into Cancun to restock with provisions. At just after 9am the kite surfers were already in the air with more arriving all the time.

We stopped at the large bin by the exit to relieve ourselves of some of the packaging our goods, purchased in the US, had been wrapped in.

Cancun is a bustling place. Spreading out all the time. All along the beach heading up to Isla Blanca development is taking place. Ugly hotel buildings shooting up everywhere. The road is lined with ancient buses, pick-up trucks and cars. Transport for the many hundreds of workers on the building sites.

One wonders how much more tourism can continue to grow here. In view of the current situation with Coronavirus and the possible pandemic, is there going to be a Global crash? If so, what effect will it have on tourism here? If all this construction is put on hold, what happens to the hundreds of workers jobs here and their families? These are worrying times.

In the city of Cancun, we first stopped at Costco. Shopping seems to take us rather a long time. Next door was a Soriana Mega store. Dennis and I headed there as Costco’s bulk supplies are generally too big for us, as we have such limited storage in Poki. Tim and Sarah have masses of space in their monster truck.

Sarah still wanted to go to Walmart, so next we headed there. We tried to find a Telcel shop close by to top-up our exhausted wifi. No luck though.

By now the morning had gone so we got on the road, although we stopped for lunch not long after. The ride south was busy and boring. Not close enough to see the coast. Built up with hotels all along, although all you can see are the elaborate entrance gates and a long entrance drive ways.

We have walkie talkie radios to communicate between vehicles. Sarah called us and said they wanted to check out some camping nearby. We had actually passed it, so a u-turn was necessary. Unfortunately, the overhanging trees were too low and too dense to allow their truck to enter. Plan B was another entry point slightly further along the road. Managing to get through here, just, it was heaving with people and there was no room for us to park.

This idea abandoned, we headed for the original planned destination, Selva El Jabali, a campsite just outside of Tulum. It was quite late by the time we arrived but Dennis was anxious to start work on the fridge. With Tim’s assistance they made a start on changing the compressors.

Luckily everything was back inside the tent as, unexpectedly, rain started. Dennis was shattered and full of a head cold, so was soon asleep. The rain continued and was quite heavy. We hadn’t pitched the tent with this in mind, so every so often I had to stick my arm out of the back door and push up the tent roof, so the pooled water ran over the edges and the tent didn’t collapse. A hot, sticky night with plenty of mosquitoes.

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