Day 201. On the beach at El Cuyo, Yucatan, Mexico.

Another day on the beach at El Cuyo. We were awake early to use the internet before too many other people logged on. A good signal was necessary to book flights to Miami. Yes, we are going to Miami next week to get a new compressor for the fridge and various other parts and replacement bits and pieces. It seems crazy to fly all the way to the US, but we know we can get the parts there. Getting them shipped here is apparently a very hit and miss affair. They may arrive, they may not, or they could turn up several weeks later.

After breakfast we wandered into the town for a look around. Finding a nice little cafe/restaurant, aptly called Conchita’s, I indulged in a cappuccino. Sitting under shady trees, we were chatting to one of the staff who spoke English. He recommended the grilled octopus, if we came back later for dinner. Very tempting.

We carried on ambling down the sandy road. A few basic hotels, small stores and cafes. All very low key. Turning towards the sea we came to the pier, which we could see from our camp. The sea was amazing. Bands of turquoise, blues and emerald. Being Sunday, the beach was busy with local families enjoying frolicking in the waves. It was actually rougher today and there was weed in the water. Just a few kite surfers were airborne.

We walked out to the end of the pier. A group of returning fishermen passed. Dennis was eager to see what they had caught. Laughing, they showed him an empty bucket. After the fishermen left, we had the pier to ourselves and the birds. Cormorants, perched on the pillars at the end of the pier. Groups of pelicans, always in tandem. Two flaps of the wings and then a long glide. Gulls and terns all over the pier and frigate birds soaring above.

Walking along the beach, we came full circle, back to our camp. A lazy afternoon playing games with the children, reading and a quick dip. We didn’t stay in long as the wind was making the waves rough and the water was full of seaweed.

In the evening we all went for dinner at Conchita’s. Dennis and I walked while the others took their bikes. It’s a very informal place. Some locals and the odd American tourist. Some tables in the sand, others on a terrace under shady trees and a bar in the corner. We were quite noisy, but no one was remotely bothered,

Sitting at a big, shady table, we ordered tequila sunrises, although Dennis stuck with a beer. They got the evening off to a good start. We played card games and snakes and ladders, in between courses, with the kids. Disappointingly there was no octopus, but Dennis and I had the most delicious grilled prawns. These were followed by coconut ice cream. Also extremely yummy.

Making our way back to Poki by torchlight, we quickly climbed into bed and were asleep, in no time at all.

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  1. Sorry to hijack your post, DB – but I think my emails are on the fritz.
    Thought you’d want to know that Jeff Saunders passed away last Friday. The funeral was yesterday, and the combined cricket/soccer crew gave him a good send-off (I was here on holiday by coincidence).

    • Hi Ferris, so sorry to hear about ‘Patch’. Great you got to see the Boy’s and learn the latest. Hope they are all doing great. Sorry about delay in responding but been “tropo” for a week. Normal blogs to resume soon..:)

  2. This sounds like the perfect day Jen! I’ve never tried octopus (I always think it’ll be tough… I’ve got to try it sometime). Sounds like a beautiful spot your’e in right now. I hope the trip back to the US goes nice and smooth (you’ll both be looking forward to getting that fridge up and running). The trip in Mexico looks like it’s been an amazing adventure – awesome! Hope this finds you all well. Oh and our little boy says “hi”!

    • Hi Logan, Jamie and your little man. Hope you are getting some sleep! We’ve been on the beach for 4 days without decent wifi, so just trying to catch up now. We’re at Cancun Airport. Spending the night in the car park here, as we have to be up at 4am for our Miami flight.Yes, Mexico has been great, but we are looking forward to moving on to Belize shortly.

      Best from us.

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