Day 200. Saturday 15th Feb. El Cuyo, Yucatan. Mexico.

The day has dawned. Another one out of the box. Warm, sunny and a wind of about 5 knots from the NE.  By 12.30pm it’s 30.4deg C and rising, with 73% relative humidity.  

We have a great camp site, about 600m from town and 100m from the beach, with sand hills between us and the sea. Someone has built us a palapa, or sun shelter, big enough to allow us plenty of room to relax under.  

Sarah has taken the bikes off the racks but the tires have been punctured by the rack, so she has been fixing punctures most of the morning. 

We have been busy too, well Jen has and I have been supervising. She’s sewing our third zip into the Caranex. I guess the zips take a hammering, used in all conditions, multiple times each day. This is a long job and I’m exhausted… supervising..:)

There were a couple of small repairs that needed carrying out. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 12v soldering iron and wanted to improve some electrical connections. Well, when I connected it to the main leads into the inverter leads at 12v it hardly got warm after a few minutes. On consulting the packaging there was a small print note saying it’s 127v not 12.7v. Lennie strikes again…;). For those outside the Brown clan, that’s our Dad’s genes I am talking about.:). As a family, we all enjoy these little moments..or lapses…:) It’s one way of knowing we have the same father. I know, I’ll hook the soldering iron into the 230v inverter for a few seconds to get it hot. Yep, it go hot alright as my fingers are now burned to prove it. Damn..:)

Sarah & Tim have been hoping the wind will rise so they can go kite surfing, but the forecast is for more of the same. 

It was around 5pm before Jen had finished sewing the 3m long zip in by hand so we decided to head on down to the beach for a swim. Wee Jaxon was instantly ready to join us. The onshore wind had created quite a wave action but the water was warm and very refreshing. Jaxon is amazingly at home in the water and not showing the slightest concern about having big waves break over him. 

Oh! some great news from home, The Wellington Phoenix beat the higher placed Melbourne City 1 – 0 in, Auckland and the Wellington Hurricanes beat the Stormers from S.A.  :). I have a rare inner glow..:)

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  1. Good to hear all is well with you all and you are enjoying your kids & grandkids, a rare pleasure. Also you obviously up with the play on rugby scores. Going to be a long season for the Oz teams. Seems to be issues with the whole Super series though. Cleaned ute and found shackle shaped dent in roof, no paint damage and out of sight so no worries mate.

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