Day 176. Wednesday 23rd Jan. Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Sleep came last night but it wasn’t easy. Revolving in my mind, the events of yesterday with the Police. 


  1. Not to stop for police unless unavoidable. 
  2. It has made us much wiser, realising the police were of dishonourable intent, and will be treated so, from now. 
  3. In future, we will wait them out and call their bluff where no offence has been committed.

While we are parked in a lovely grassy area with adequate facilities, run by very nice people. The motorway is only 1k away and trucks using their exhaust brakes during the night, can be easily heard. 

The morning dawns lovely and we are up by 7.15am. Porridge made and dressed ready for a visit to one of the most amazing ruins in Mexico, Teotihuacan. 

It’s a 35min walk from the camp site and we set off at 9.20am. I visited the site in 1999 as part of an international convention on a brand of hairdressing products we were representing in NZ. Despite having an informative guide during that visit I can’t say I recall much of what was learned.

Essentially it’s a 2.5km avenue with pyramids and alters on each side. The Pyramid of the moon at the end of the avenue with the larger pyramid of the sun, the 3rd largest in the world, also lining the avenue. The site originally extended to 20k/sq. but much reduced now. 

Climbing both pyramids, the highest comprising 248 steps and 70m high. Not so difficult you would say but when we are already at 2500m it’s challenging to get your breath. Lots of pics were taken at the top, particularly of the children. What amazing experiences they are having!

Jen and I cut a track back to the camp around 1pm to get some lunch and do washing. A pile has accumulated and with endless pure bore water on the camp site, we need to take advantage. 

I mentioned two days ago about the visit to the Monarch butterfly sanctuary. Jen has just read me a story that throws light on the reason for the meeting I mentioned and photographed. It seems a well known environmentalist Homero Gomez has gone missing. He was last heard of on the 13th of January.  Illegal loggers are concerned about the threat to their activities the butterfly sanctuary is having? Since 2006, 60,000 people have been “disappeared” in Mexico, many to illegal drugs, people trafficking, extortion, illegal mining and illegal logging.

The few people we have spoken to, dislike the socialist prime minister recently elected and it appears the murder rate has risen to it’s highest. No doubt he is cracking down on illegal activity and it can have an impact on many peoples lives. I don’t like his chances of success. 

Today while atop the Pyramid to the Sun the sound of dozens of semi-automatic weapon gunfire could be heard to come from a distance of about 3+ k’s away. This went on, ebbing and flowing for a good 30min. Was it military training or was it a full blown military or police confrontation? 

So, after the washing was done and hung out to dry we are relaxing. It was 24degC when we got home and now at 5.45pm it’s down to 20deg and darkness is descending. We are having a low alcohol beer and writing up our experiences. Life is great.:) 

A special mention to Bridget, Jen’s sister, who is convalescing at home after major surgery. Well done girl. 

Tim from Pyramid of the Moon

Visits: 34


  1. Once again, aren’t we lucky to live in a corruption free and free country. I guess you will have learned lots from this episode, just hope it is not a regular one. All well this end, and with my end! Got a clean bill of health with next test in 3 years. Blues beat Canes 24 23 in pre season game. Take care you guys.

    • Morning Kelvin, very pleased to hear the health bill is clean. Unfortunately we are all effected by some bug this morning. Montezuma is taking revenge. A couple od hours and medication should see us back in shape. Did Beauden play for the Blues? Should be an even season. NZ sweltering it seems. Best. Us 🙂

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