Day 177. Thursday, 23rd January. In Teotihaucan.

After yesterday’s exertions climbing pyramids, today was a lazy day. We stayed at our camp site at Rancho Viejo and did some chores. Washing, cleaning out Poki’s cupboards and some minor repairs and maintenance. So, not a very exciting blog, I’m afraid.

Dennis spent hours trying to find a way to get another Engel fridge. It appears we cannot buy one here and to get one shipped into Mexico is fraught with difficulties. We are even considering flying from Cancun to Miami, getting one sent to the DHL depot there at the airport and taking it back to Mexico as checked in luggage.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Mexico City. It is a vast city of 20 million people and traffic and the restrictions on days you can drive, are a nightmare. So, we are taking the bus.

The family who own the camp where we are parked have been really helpful. Omar the son, and Julia, his mother, a doctor, have given us advice on how we reach the centre of the city. Including drawing us maps and writing down the details of all the bus and metro stations.

Julia has arranged for a taxi to pick us up at 0800 tomorrow morning to take us to the local bus station. From there we get a bus to the Central Camionera del Norte, the city’s northern bus terminal. Then we get the metro, with 2 changes, into the historical centre.

Dennis and I have decided to spend the night in the city and I have booked us into a hotel close the the main square, Plaza del Zocalo. Tim and Sarah think one day of city sightseeing will be enough for the kids, so they will come back to Rancho Viejo and head off to Puebla on Saturday. We will catch them up on Sunday

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