Day 165. Saturday, 11th January. Tokkiero. Mexico

We are spending the day at Tokkiero, south of Chalacatepec on the Pacific coast.
Dennis spent the morning checking out our electrical wiring, to try and get the fridge working. A necessity in this climate. I have done some washing, but water is an issue.
We have 20 litres for drinking and cooking, but this does not last long. We have another 10 litre bottle of river water for washing ourselves and clothes. Again, not a lot, so I have just washed a few items of clothing, but still have a pile of dirty washing.

This is a pretty wild spot. A beautiful curved beach but the water is dangerous. A very strong current. This afternoon we, Dennis and I and Sarah, Charley and Jaxon, played in the shallows not venturing in too deep. The water was really refreshing as it was a hot day today. Afterwards we walked a fair distance along the beach to dry off.

Unfortunately Dennis was unable to get the fridge working. It seems to be a problem with the fridge and not the wiring. We will have to try and find a refrigeration repair company in the next large town.

After dinner, we lit a fire and sat around drinking gin and tonic and eating chocolate under the stars. We watched the moon rise. An enormous full moon. Magical.

Firewood for tonights fire.

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