Day 166. Sunday 11th Jan. Tokkiero Beach to Boca de Pascuales. Mexico

We woke to a glorious morning. It’s our plan to move on today. Objective, the city of  Manazanliio. 

Looking around the beaches and bays on both sides of the promontory we are camped on, there are signs of future development. White topped painted sticks poked into the ground seeming to indicate land being prepared for development. As we were driving out there were surveyors taking sightings. No doubt, should we or any other travellers pass this way again in the next couple of years, there will be no wild camping possibilities. While it may be idillic to the eye on a nice day, the beach is treacherous. 

While swimming yesterday we had to keep a close eye on the children as the undertow was severe, both our to sea and sideways. Regardless, the water was warm and refreshing. 

In the rather vain hope that there was still life in the fridge, Tim got the portable Honda generator out but alas, not a flicker of life. We are going to have to find a refrigeration engineer to try and effect repairs. While you could say the fridge has taken a beating, I have another Engel fridge in the NZ Land Rover that was bought 20years ago, and it’s still performing flawlessly!

So the roads this morning were virtually deserted, being Sunday. However there were still drivers behaving like maniacs in buses and trucks too. Mexicans seem to have the same skills as Maori drivers, they can see around corners. Trouble is, there’s not time to blink. 

The scenery is changing. More luxurious bush or jungle. Signs warning of the presence of ‘Jaguares’.  Banana plantations covering hundreds of acres, Papaya plantations too. But as yet, no sign of Mango, plantations or fruit for sale. 


Manzanllio is an affluent looking city with a population of approx. 185k. It’s a busy port with perhaps 10 container cranes lining the wharves. 

The idea is to find a refrigeration repair shop but there is no listed place to camp, in the city. We visit Walmart to buy provisions and it has a temptingly private parking space but  they are never ideal places to camp. Only in emergency. 

The collective decision is to move on south but first we visit an Bird Avery nearby where there are some colourful large parrots and small, spider monkeys Jaxon informs me, on display that are exhibiting signs of stress! The kids are enthralled and are both already very knowledgable on birds and wildlife. 

Driving further south we are looking for a place to camp. Taking a side road towards the coast we come across an open Coconut plantation with space between the palms. The beach is not far away but there are many locals relaxing in the shade of trees so we opt to park amongst the palms for peace and tranquillity. 

Tim opened up a couple of Coconuts for the kids to drink from and eat some flesh. 

It’s going to be a warm humid night. 

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