Day 164. Friday 10th Puerto Vallerta to Tokkiero Lighthouse. Jalisco Province.

Our camp site last night was in a truck and bus park that they achieve some additional income from allowing campers to park. It’s surrounded by big hotels but has toilets and showers, of a kind. Occasionally there is water in both. The beach is about 50m away. We had to take care finding a safe parking place as there are towering coconut palms and being hit on the bonce by a coconut, would just about lay you out!

When parking last night we noticed the fridge contents were not very cold. This morning I attempted to find the source of the problem while Jen, Sarah, Tim and kids went for a walk into the city.

Puerto Vallarta (pop 203k) is a popular destination for Canadians to escape the northern winter. The coastal strip from one end of the city to the other, is taken by hotels. The southern end seems to have the most luxurious hotels. Highway 200 that takes you south. As it winds up into the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains, it’s lined by hotels and residences with beautifully manicured gardens. We reach about 800m before dropping down and into a new province, Jalisco.

As we are planning to spend the next couple of nights out at a remote part of the coast, there is need to fill our water tanks. Finding a “Purifacion” plant is not easy but after much questioning of locals, in very rudimentary Spanish, sees us driving the dusty back streets. Success, then we drive a further 20k’s before turning onto a rough track that takes us 10k’s to the coast.

Arriving at the coast

It’s a bleak scene that faces us when we reach the coast. The wind is blowing strongly, the sea is very rough and there’s not much level ground to set up camp. 

Fortunately we find enough space to set the two wagons up in an ‘L’ formation around a beautifully tiled ‘lean to’ without any panelling. Obviously someones house many years ago. There are only two buildings, one, the lighthouse that is no doubt run remotely, the other a quite large one that does not look to be occupied. We think it may have something to do with the annual turtle nesting that happens in the sand hills. 

It’s warm. 38deg in Poki with all the doors open. Fortunately it cools when the sun goes down and after a meal we all retire for the night. It’s a beautiful sight as the full moon rises over the horizon.

Visits: 23


  1. Still getting your photos on top of text, so unable to read some of the text. Ok on my desktop but no good on my iPad, odd one, is any one else experiencing the problem.
    Will only have my iPad with me for the next week or so. Under the knife tomorrow so slightly nervous!!!

    • Hi! Bridget, great to hear from you. bugger re pics. We hoped that putting them at the bottom of the txt would solve it. Not so. Thanks for the feedback. Plan C.
      You’ll be sleeping peacefully so hopefully wont see the knife. 🙂 Good luck girl, we are all pulling for you.


  2. Bridget, I have just put a few lines of spacing above the pic. Can you tell if that has had any effect on pic and text? Yes, others are experiencing same problem on iPads, Jen included. For some reason, it’s fine on my iPad!!!

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