Day 11 from just north of Trondheim to just south of Mo I Rana

On the E6 all day. Slow progress for an hour or so this morning due to small villages and low speed limits. Then an open road up until lunch time allowing us to make quite good progress. Not fast, as the maximum speed limit is 90kph,  but there was scant habitation and little traffic. The major impediments being camper vans of which there are many and they seem to travel in convoys of three. It’s the main road north in Norway, but just a double lane road which, amazingly lessens to a single track in places. Not much more than a country lane.

The lakes and fjords continue to be like glass as the weather is still lovely. Ash, you may have travelled this road south. Such a pity you suffered inclement weather all the way and couldn’t see the magnificent scenery. The roadsides and meadows are yellow with dandelions. Standing majestically on a bank overlooking the road, we passed a moose and saw our first stork today too.

This afternoon was slower again as we constantly met 50kph limits for roadworks. The road is being upgraded and no doubt will become a motorway in a couple of years. Progress? I think I am becoming a grumpy old woman. To me it is an abomination ruining all this beautiful countryside. Dennis was muttering about it probably being a gravel road the last time he drove this way in 1970. If this section wasn’t gravel, then certainly some of the roads in the north were.

So far it has been easy updating the blog. We are using our 3 modem from the UK, which gives us coverage for the whole of Europe. Lets hope we can find similar when we reach Russia in a few days.

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