Day 8 Kongsberg Norway

Jen says, :- Up early, on another beautiful morning, for the four and a half hour crossing to Langesund in Norway.  A well appointed ferry and a very smooth crossing. Having programmed the sat. nav. for Kongsberg, we set off. Why Kongsberg, yet another Land Rover specialist we have been recommended to, hopefully, sort out the starting gremlin, once and for all. A result of our plea to John at Gumtree 4×4, our Land Rover specialist in the UK, for help in Norway.

A pretty route. Very green with hilly, but not yet mountainous, terrain with pine forests, rivers and agriculture in the valleys. Plenty of logging too. The roadsides are abloom with wild flowers. We stopped for lunch and an interested local, Roy, pulled over to ask us about the Land Rover. He is interested in undertaking a similar Defender conversion and tells us tomorrow is expected to be 30 degrees. We have bought our thermals and an extra thick duvet for Norway!

Me now :- Tell you what, if I haven’t already said so, I am now a SatNav disciple. The ease by which we are able to negotiate unknown intersections and obscure roads, is amazing. Her with the map is now redundant..:) but best of all we are now great friends again. So, thank you Tim.

Following a call for help for us, from John at Gumtree 4X4 in the UK, on Facebook, a kindly garage in Norway responded, to our request for help and we made a bee line for Kongsberg 87k north west of Langesund. William at BilXtra Verksted kindly took on the challenge of finding the elusive starting problem. After an hour he came back with a tiny inline filter that he said was somewhat blocked by oil and other stuff. It certainly starts better now though not quite back to normal. When asked what the cost would be, William very kindly declined to let us pay him.  Thank you John and William. The Land Rover fraternity is a tight one.



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  1. How amazing is the Landover club is alive and well. Are you in Norway for long.? I would love to do a tour around there, we had a brief visit 10 or eleven years ago when we were living in England and always thought it would be a beautiful place to roam around.. Love reading your blog guys..😘

    • Hi! Lizzy, yes, it’s a beautiful country and spectacular in bright warm sunshine. Everybody, well nearly everybody, is outside in the sun with shirts off, soaking up the rays. Where did Dara lodge when here? people are amazing too. We are planning on entering Russia on or about 2nd June. Happy Birthday Kirsty..:)


  2. Dara was in Larvik not too far from Oslo. She was originally supposed to go up north but the family arrangement fell through apparently. Getting cold down here now. Heading over to Rotorua tomorrow Chris has a conference. Wish we were there..😎

  3. Hi Kavin, thanks for taking time to write. Great to hear from you.


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