Day 9 Between Lillehammer and Trondheim


Well, the old girl is running more smoothly (I’m referring to the Land Rover), but we still have the starting gremlin. Dennis has been in touch with William, who helped yesterday and he has talked to a friendly mechanic in Trondheim. So, that’s where we will head tomorrow. I’m no expert, but methinks it must be something to do with the injectors.

The weather continues to be glorious. The lakes are like glass. There is not a breath of wind. Most of the day has been spent on small, very scenic, roads. For a long period beside the  Randsfjorden. Many similarities with NZ but more rocky and rugged. Logging is in small sections and not on the same industrial scale as at home. We puzzled all morning about the lack of livestock, only having seen 2 cows. Thought the animals must be kept in the huge barns, which are everywhere. However, could see no evidence of them being there until this afternoon when we saw some emerging from a barn close to the road. We have been climbing steadily and are now seeing pockets of unmelted snow in the shadows.

The largest town we passed by today was Lillehammer with it’s ski jump in the distance.

It’s staying light late into the evening now. Soon we will reach the land of the midnight sun.


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  1. Caroline and Dave

    Hope Landie behaves better. Glad the weather is being kind – enjoy the scenery!
    Will pass on updates to Mum xx

  2. Hi travellers,
    Maybe get your Landie mechanic to check the injector for uniform voltages.
    Cheers. Kevin

    • Morning Kevin, how’s the Fiat? Have had diagnostics run on Landie and nothing mentioned in that dept but it still possible.
      Other scenario’s, filter housing crack or injector seals.

  3. Bloody diesels – time to reinstall the Rover V8!

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    • Well, this is way beyond our objective, to keep friends and family updated. We are humbled by your comments. Good luck with your scheme.
      Dennis & Jen

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