Day 7 and in Hirtshals

Have to say the bed in the Landy is way more comfortable than the hotel’s, we stayed in. However, we really enjoyed our stay in Aalborg. What a lovely city. So relaxed and the shops are beautifully presented. It took us half an hour to find a shop with postcards. They are so not into tourists, which was rather refreshing.Huh! Jen just tells me Aalborg has the second highest income from tourism in Denmark. It’s also the worlds largest supplier of white cement. Thank you Wikipedia..:)

A significant city. pop approx 200,000 with it’s twin city across the other side of the fjord, connected by bridge. It’s a university city with some lovely historic but also contemporary architecture, that blends well.

Picked the Landy up at around 3pm with huge expectation, alas, we still have the problem. It didn’t show it’self till we got to the port of Hirtshals and stopped for some provisions.  Oh dear! Where to now? On the bright side, we have a new pump and that’s been eliminated and we still have propulsion. We will call to a dealer in Trondheim and see what they can find. May have to auction Jen to keep going..:).

So right now we are at a camp site overlooking the Kattaget where it meets the Skagerak. That evokes memories of a 50’s song. It’s a beautiful evening and the sea is like glass. I recall being in this same campsite 50 years ago with Kate and Deirdre when we were touring around Europe in our first LandRover, a 1959 SWB Series 2. All night long the herring boats were leaving port with the sound of their single cylinder diesels putt-putting into the distance. No sign of any this evening. Maybe the Herring industry has been marginalised and larger trawlers are operating in deeper water?

The camp is nicely kept and there are dozens of camper vans here for the night, no doubt like us, awaiting the mornings ferries. We were going to sail to Kristiansand but have a cheaper fare to Langesund which is further north. We are now looking at economising..:)

9.45pm and the sun still has 15min till it dips below the sea line.

Ferry to Norway early tomorrow.

Tell you what, we have no idea what countries Donald Trump is planning on destroying or marginalising and it’s refreshing.






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  1. Hi you2… some adventures already, is it slightly concerning that all the Landover repair people are booked up for weeks ahead.. perhaps you should have a Suzuki or a VW or similar..😉😂

  2. Hi. Nice to meet you on road to Kongsberg , just outside Skien. Loved see your Landy. And Thank you for a nice talk. Have a safe and fun trip on. Regards Roy.

    • Hi Roy, thank you for stopping. It’s always nice to speak to Land Rover enthusiasts. My sister needs to embrace the marque and realise that the Land Rover agents in Denmark were booked up fixing VW’s..:)

      Best regards


      • Hi Jen and Dennis. I posted a short brief on our meeting today on my Facebook side. It’s in norwegian : Traff på to hyggelige turister i dag , Jen fra UK , og Dennis fra New Zealand. De skal kjøre jorda rundt med sin campinnredede Land Rover Defender . Reiste fra England 17 mai , så de har endel igjen. Skal kjøre opp hele Norge så gjennom Russland. Tøft! 🇬🇧 🇳🇿 Vil du følge reisen?

        • Hi Roy, thank you for that. Perhaps you could also thank William at BilXtra in Kongsberg on Facebook for kindly responding to a call for help from us regarding some starting problems. Great Norwegian hospitality. Best of luck to you too and hope your dream Defender is realised.

          Dennis & Jen

  3. Good beer in Aalborg as well if i remember well 🍺 The company i worked for were really into the global cement business, and yes i recall the civilised nature of the place and people.

  4. Bob, Judy and Logan

    Hi Dennis and Jen,

    Great to be able to follow you on your adventures! Logan’s back visiting for a couple of weeks, so just showing him what you two have been up to. Safe travels and looking forward to your next post.



    • Hi Guy’s great to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying NZ Logan and great to catch up with family. Beautiful morning here close to Kongberg in Norway. It’s a beautiful country, so similar in many ways to ours. Best. Us

  5. Greetings, again unfortunately, the program had considered your comment Spam and I have only just found it. Thank you for contacting us and your kind comments.



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