Day 228. Monday 7th July. Oppi-Koppi Camping. Kamanjab. Namibia.

The day started for us at around 5am. Our next door neighbours, a bus tour group, Nomad Overland Tours, were setting up for breakfast for their patrons. It was tough as I had been awake for an hour or more during the night when wifi is a little more effective.

Always great to hear laughter and chatter in the evening and they didn’t disturb us during the night.
But these groups like to maximise time and are often away at daybreak. Not us though…:)

We had a quorum for a committee meeting and the unanimous decision was, to stay put today and have a very rare, but important, day off.

There are so many little things that needed fixing or improving and we also needed to wash the dust and dirt off Poki so we don’t get covered in it every time we touch it. A local car wash were eager to get stuck in and for N$200 about NZ$18 we are shiny and clean again. But that won’t last long once we get into Etosha Game reserve.

Fuel was replenished. A new intake of water for our two tanks. Seal the pipe going into our water tank, for domestic use. Reformat the data card for our Gopro, which has been out of action for the last week or so.

Back in Spain I managed to nudge a tree with the bumper of Poki, right at the point where a nearside spot light is mounted. The result was it broke one of the mounting brackets. It had been patched, but with sever vibrations, had come loose again. With some epoxy welding material, JB Weld, fixed that. For now anyway.

Jen went down to the office to ask if there was going to be another Tour bus coming in tonight. No, was the answer. So at 4pm when the bus reappeared, I was not happy. The result is that we have moved to another site well away from the tour group.

It’s been a very warm day. 35deg inside Poki with all the doors and windows open. 10% relative humidity. Iv’e started using some of Jen’s hand moisturiser to try and stop the hands cracking.

Well, that’s about enough waffle for the day. An anti-climax to recent days.

We’ll be on the move again tomorrow.

Update from Adam.

We have had some communication from Adam. He is struggling in the heat and humidity of Central Africa specially having to wear HAZMAT suits. Also with the ineptitude of governments and wondering if their actions are appreciated. Sadly this is the nature of Black Africa. They have no understanding of consequence. From a European perspective, anyway…:)

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