Day 203. Thursday, 13th July. From Plettenberg Bay to Oudtshoorn.

Plettenberg Bay

We left our beautiful campsite beside the lagoon, with its excellent facilities and varied birdlife and headed into the town of Plettenberg Bay. We passed a Woolworths and a Chequers, the two best South African Supermarkets and decided to stop and stock up, while we had the opportunity. Neither store had whole jumbo oats though. We drove around the town, the view over the bay and beaches was amazing, but sadly hazy, so no photos. 

Next stop was Nysna. I had heard so much about Nysna I was expecting great things. I found it a very ordinary town. Whether we just didn’t find the right part of town, I don’t know,

Despite being winter, there are flowers everywhere. The type of flora typical to the very south of Africa is known as Fynbos. It is quite similar to heathland vegetation with flowering shrubs and heathers. The roadsides are quite pink with heather in places.

The beautiful weather continues (fingers crossed it will last). Warm in the sun, but chilly at night.

It is lovely and snug in Poki though.

During the afternoon we were held up between Nysna and George by roadworks. We pulled off the road and had lunch, hoping the traffic might clear. It didn’t. We had to queue again.

After George we left the coast and the Garden Route to head north and inland to Oudtshoorn. We climbed up through the mountains, very different scenery and arrived in Oudtshoorn just before 4pm. Perfect timing to set up camp. As we approached Oudtshoorn, the mountains tops in the distance were covered with a light dusting of snow.


The campsite, Kleinplaas Campsite, is very well equipped. When we  arrived load-shedding was in place. Later in the evening I found washing machines and dryers and took the opportunity to do our laundry while there was electricity. Load-shedding was due to set in again for another 4 hour period from 10pm until 2am and again from 6am until 8am.

We retired early. We have now been on the road for 7 days, which is tiring. As when cycling we have a rest day..:)

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  1. Photo’s look great. I presume the GPS is still working. You might have to update it if you have the option. My Garmin has free updates for life. Talking of which, probably should update my brain while i’m at it. Wonder if Alzheimers is catching?

  2. Hi Bro, TomTom now working fine. Might have just caught a cold? Yes, ours is a lifetime too with world maps but not much good if you are lost in the wilderness and there is nobody to hear your grizzles..>:)
    Have just seen the rugby score. AB’s 35 – Springboks 20. Better cover up the NZ signage..:)

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