Day 90. Monday 20th March. Mountain Paradise Retreat. Ghana.

This is the perfect place for recuperation. Sun with shade but cool breezes keeping the temperatures down to a comfortable level.

The bedding was again wringing wet this morning. Horrible.

After a couple of hours I’m able to sit in one of our comfortable camp chairs outside Poki, for a while.

Captured pair of monkeys. They would not last in the wild.

Adam has some very sophisticated gadgetry. One of them is like a finger clamp but it measures the amount of oxygen in your blood and the transfer through the lungs. He also has a digital thermometer. The readings are concerning.

Low numbers coupled with random high temperatures. He has increased the Amoxycillin intake to three per day. I hate taking antibiotics but I can see that in our situation, there is no other option and it’s just a matter of time to allow the medication to do it’s job. It doesn’t make life easy, as to walk 10m to the toilet, is exhausting. I tried having a shower, which turned into and ordeal.

Circumstances and a rapidly approaching Wet Season is forcing us to reconsider our options for onward travel.

I mentioned earlier, the loss of a ferry in Gabon. While completing the West Africa journey by road was our most desired option, one cant ignore the physical barriers. From a report yesterday, a motorcyclist had taken two days to drive 10k, in The Congo, in the mud.

So, my Jenny is not so excited about that and is “putting her foot down with a firm hand” We ship.

I need a haircut and maybe a new body….:)

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