Day 89. Sunday, 19th March. At Mountain Paradise Lodge, Amedzofe.

Dennis is still unwell. We spent the day trying to relax a bit and catching up with the blog. It is difficult when several days have been missed and when things are so stressful. However, we seem to be getting back on track.

In the middle of the afternoon the manager brought us a bunch of bananas. We talked about the history of the area. We are at 460 metres and looking out at Mount Gemi. Named after the German Evangelical Missions Institute which was based here during German colonisation.  It is one of the higher peaks in Ghana at over 700 metres. Under German colonisation the area was called Togoland. In 1914 the British and French divided the area with part being absorbed into British, Ghana and part becoming French, Togo. Jean speaks both English and French and still has family divided by the border. 

We are surrounded by jungle covered hills. There are 2 monkeys in a cage at the Lodge. I asked Jean if there were wild monkeys or other animals in the forest. He advised not as the local people hunt them at night for bush meat. We had also passed a monkey sanctuary on the road between Kpandu, where the ferry had arrived and Paradise Mountain Lodge.

Later Dennis decided he would have a shower, using our pump up shower with hot water. The showers here only had cold water. He came back in a bad way. The physical effort of pumping up the shower had been too much for him. He was back to square one and I was quite concerned. Dennis had underestimated just how easy he needs to take things.

We had all ordered dinner, but Dennis didn’t eat and Adam and I could only manage half our portions. They were vast. Just too much. We had an early night, but sleep was impossible. We were too hot and our sheet was soaked in sweat. We realised our air conditioning unit was adding to the moisture problem. Once we turned it off we must have got some sleep, but it was not a comfortable night.

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