Day 84. Tuesday 14th March. Abidjan to Abengourou

Slowly our blog writing motivation is receding.

The problem, a combination of factors. Certainly a reduced health and fitness since being in Abidjan.

Adam had decided that he needed to transit from his European passports and get back to his South African one. Also, he does not have a Carnet du Passage, being told by South African officialdom that one is not required. So, on leaving Abidjan we took a northerly route believing that being away from the major borders, he could be more successful crossing without a carnet.

The road north from Abidjan was beautiful. Newly sealed and a dream to drive on, As we tracked north towards the last major town of Abengourou, we started having issues with the Sat-Nav. It’s been rock solid but for some reason was telling us that Abengouou was 178’ks yet the roadside markers said 58k’s.

Plunder of the forest.

The hotel, Hotel Maya was adequate. We had been recommended a restaurant but our experience was underwhelming. Believing that we had each ordered chicken & chips, after more than a hour, a single platter arrived and was unceremoniously plonked down on the table with no comment. So it was back to the hotel and another sticky night.

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