Day 83. Monday 13th March. Last day in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

We have been here 10 days. It seems like a very long time. Not being well and stressing over the problems with obtaining visas.

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Jean-Luc and Annie. They were staying not far from us in nice accommodation. A villa. We asked how much it was costing. Jean-Luc mentioned 100 Euros a night. You get what you pay for! We took Adam with us in Poki. We went to discuss the possibility of shipping from Abidjan to Walvis Bay. Jean-Luc and Annie have a meeting with a shipping company today and will report back to us.

Jean-Luc & Annie, great couple for Non Land Rover Owners

Over the last three days I have been trying to catch up with the washing, hand washing almost our entire wardrobe. This morning included our towels, sheet and pillow cases, so we will set off tomorrow with everything clean.

Our next priority was a trip to the supermarket to buy basics. Bread, milk, tomatoes etc. Then the most important of today’s tasks. A visit to the Ghana Embassy to collect our passports with our Ghana visas. After this a visit to the printing company to get our Benin e-visas printed.

Having achieved these objectives, Adam invited us to go out again for a coffee. Back to the Casino Supermarket, which also has a coffee shop. Dennis and I decided it was too hot for coffee and had two slushy things, icy fruit juices. Almost unbearably cold.

Discussing shipping options.

We talked about the shipping quote Annie had sent us. It was a very good price. However, we have decided we will carry on and not ship from here. If we cannot get a Nigerian visa in Cotonou, Benin, then we will have to readdress the shipping issue.

We want to get on the road early tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we will have more interesting topics to write about.

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  1. Pleased to hear you are able to move after a fair old stay. Hope the decision not to ship works out ok. 3rd Day on the road for us, albeit on a much smaller scale. Cross to tassie on saturday, hoping for calm seas, not for us but the van. Not much spare room on the truck beck. Stay safe and well.

    • Hi Bro, How have the first few days gone? Getting the bugs sorted. Make sure you register your amazing Ferry Master skills with the Derwent captain. Don’t want him hitting the bridge…:)

  2. Pleased to hear that you are both now feeling better. Good luck with the next phase of your journey!

    Clare, Rick & Dylan

    P.S. Your hair is looking nice Auntie Jen.

    • Hi Clare. Good to hear from you. We’re much better thank you, but haven’t got a lot of energy. Good to see you’re all supporting each other from your Facebook posts. Keep in touch. xx

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