Day 208. Sunday 23rd. Feb. Cancun. Mexico.

A little rain on the roof this morning and temperatures are cooler. Around 23degC. 

Being Sunday and with much less wind, there are no kite surfers to interrupt our lazy morning. 

By 10am we had breakfasted and were packing up our gear ready to head into Cancun airport for the night. 

I dearly wanted to change the engine oil and filters, oil and fuel, but there is enough wind blowing to be a hazard of contamination. Sand in the engine is not something you need, especially as we are only just over half way around!

Wee Jaxon is listless today. He’s got a flu virus and also tummy upset and is not interested in playing snakes & ladders.. Till driving off the camping area at 4pm we sit and discuss all the things that could thwart our mission to the U.S. but one has to be positive and focus on success. 

The drive to the airport on a Sunday afternoon was a fairly casual event. Stopping at Walmart to get a few things we headed to the airport parking area. 

On entry to the airport parking area it says ‘24hour Parking’. But we are going to be there for nearly 48 hours. However, Mexico is not a country that is pedantic about these things and it’s a lovely palm tree surrounded car park, about 20% occupied. We choose a secluded end and prepare dinner, a cheese & tomato sandwich each. Easier, and once consumed, set up the vehicle for spending the night in it.

The departure terminal is right opposite the car park so we spend several hours using their wifi and updating the blog which has been neglected. My sister Liz will be wanting to contact the Mexican President to find out why we haven’t posted for a couple of days…;).

There is a nosy Car Park attendant snooping around. Wondering what we are up to, no doubt.  Nothing is said so we bed down at around 10pm. It’s not easy to sleep so lets hope the alarm sounding at 4am is heard!!!

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