Day 205. Thursday, 20th February. From a beach at Isla Blanca between the Caribbean Sea and Laguna Chakmochuk, Quintana Roo Province, Mexico

We have missed out Chichen Itza, probably the most well known Maya ruin in Mexico. Having already seen a number of sites and fearing Chichen Itza would be heaving with tourists and expensive to enter, we decided to pass it by. There are more ruins when we get further south.

Staying stationary on the beach, we are waiting for the wind so Sarah and Tim can kite surf. It is expected tomorrow.

While Dennis was cooking breakfast, I ambled along the beach on the lagoon side. There were thousands of tiny fish and some dead jelly fish. The water is very shallow.

It was decided we would relocate our camp, so we could set up shade cover between the 2 vehicles, spread a tarpaulin on the sand and set up our chairs and tables in a social setting.

We were reading and playing games when we were interrupted by a group of young Mexican guys. Their jeep was stuck in the sand. Could they borrow the sand tracks Tim has attached to the side of the truck and help get them out.

Off we all trooped equiped with the sand tracks and two spades. A bit of experience helps and Dennis and Tim soon had the situation under control. Sand tracks under the back wheels, after a bit of digging to level the ground as the wheels were in really deep. With half a dozen guys pushing too, the jeep was soon unstuck. Getting her back on firm ground still had to be achieved though.

First lesson when driving in sand is to let down your tyres. Dennis and Tim did this and with some pushing and assistance with the sand tracks, terra firma was soon reached. The guys were very appreciative. Some spoke good English. They were filming a very beautiful horse.

They had two horses and in return for our help offered Charley and Jaxon a ride along the beach on the quiet one. The film star was in the horse float at this time, doing his best to kick it to pieces. He certainly had attitude. If you could have a male horse Prima Donna, he would fit the bill.

Dennis and I decided we would go and have a swim on the ocean side. The water was glorious, the usual deep turquoise with a soft, white sand beach. However, the waves were quite strong. After a while of frolicking, I must have become over confident as one extra strong wave upended me base over apex and I found myself rubbing my nose along the bottom. Elegance not personified.

Returning to camp like a drowned rat with my hair full of sand, decorum was restored with a calming gin and tonic. While sipping we watched the horse being filmed in the shallow water of the lagoon. He was on a lunge rein circling and splashing in all directions. We don’t know the purpose of the film, but apparently the cameraman is a well know animal photographer.

After this entertainment, we watched the sun set over the lagoon. Dinner in Poki and another early night.

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