Day 203. Tuesday, 18th April. At Cenote Choj Ha, Yucatan, Mexico.

We have now visited 4 Cenotes. They are all completely different. Yesterday afternoon we stopped at Cenote X’ux Ha. Dennis stayed in Poki working on his blog, while the rest of us went in for a swim. More sophisticated than the others we have visited, hence the 75 peso entrance fee. A retail facility at the entrance and changing rooms, toilets and a shower. Disappointingly, we couldn’t camp here.

This was a deep Cenote with steep steps constructed down to water level. A beautiful blue colour and almost perfectly spherical. Covered by a domed ceiling with a central opening, letting in the light. As we couldn’t stay, we moved on to Cenote Choj Ha.

Spending the day at Choj Ha was not restful. Sarah and I spent the morning doing the never ending clothes washing. Using the shower to fill up plastic buckets and setting about the washing with the “washing machine” plunger. This is a wonderful device for agitating the clothes in the water.

After lunch we ventured down the Cenote for a swim. This Cenote is very different again. No natural light, so a generator provides power to run internal lighting. Before reaching the water, there is a large dry cave with stalactites and stalagmites. Deeper in the water surrounds, pillars, where the stalactites and stalagmites have joined, partially formed pillars and the most amazing array of stalactites of all sizes hanging down from the ceiling. A swimming pool, of immense depth, in an almost magical wonderland.

At least, in this climate, the washing dries quickly, so the folding and putting away process finished it off quite speedily. Then we had some more games with the children, before an aperitif and dinner. Tomorrow we will head into Cancun.

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